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Larry Lawfer is a Realtor® at YourStories Realty Group powered by Castles Unlimited®. Click the button below to learn more about Larry's story.

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Customer Testimonials

Sherry Q.

Larry has found wonderful tenants for us over the past three years that have cared for our home as their own. He makes himself available whenever the tenants or I have questions or are in need of good house advise. It's been a pleasure working with him.

Nancy G.

Larry is super knowledgeable and incredibly ethical - two critical traits in anyone providing services. He represented properties in my building and worked with owners to negotiate some situational requirements for a sale of one of our units. After dealing with unethical folks in the real estate business, it was a real pleasure to deal with someone who did really try to create a positive situation for buyer and seller, along with the other owners, and someone that cared. He is professional and pleasant and has been willing to provide general advice long after the sale completed. This is the kind of person that you want to do business with.

Response from Larry Lawfer
Trust and Communication are so important. Thank you Nancy, it is my pleasure to collaborate in this real estate process.

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