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Closing Quickly and doing it smoothly

Closing Quickly and doing it smoothly is a matter of following the right steps. It is a process and when you work with people who know the process they can adjust the property and marketing to assure a goal.  Here is a truism. The longer your home sits on the market, the more it drops in value while you’re left in economic insecurity as you lose potential profit from what was once the biggest investment of your lifetime. 

The process dictates the first 30 days are crucial. The ability to show the house when it is requested is part of that.  Even if you have the most desired home, at the right price and you make it hard to get into, you are diminishing your buyers and you will get less for your home. Process.

Basic Repairs, are a must, Expensive Repairs are not.

The new owner is going to come in and make it their own anyway. There is usually no reason for the Seller to make repairs the buyer is intending. Move in homes are more desirable than fixer uppers in today’s market, and some buyers come in ready to make a property their own.

A Paint Job

Always a good bang for buck. Spend some money cleaning and decluttering first, then do the painting to brighten up the place. Think about putting in brighter bulbs in your lighting to make things brighter.



Or Sidewalk appeal is always important. Real buyers don’t come to buy a house, the are also buying  a neighborhood.  Make your front yard and drive by appeal to be as good or better than the neighborhood.

The Right Agent

Having the right people on your team in the right positions is critical to the success for a buyer or seller.  You might need not only a qualified and successful agent, you will also need a good lawyer, and every other service and tradesman needed to bring you to your success. Choose wisely along the way. Put good people who care about your goals in positions to guide you to that end.

Good Timing

You know, every single day people buy and sell homes. Every day people are being born into families and people are getting divorced. People are loosing jobs and people are getting sick there are reasons why the real estate market is ever changing and will continue to be so. Don’t worry about the timing unless your professional knows that a quick move or a slower move will help you. Spring is always the best.

Effective Pricing

Great agents can nail the price the house will be sold for within a very short range. They might not always tell you that. Often agents will agree with you on the price to get you to agree to list with them.  Find yourself an honest agent who will tell you the truth. They will get you the most. 

A Deep Clean

Making sure your home is as clean and smell free as it can be is crucial. Use professional help to detail the home in this manner, you will end up getting more for your home. No one wants to come in and have to clean, that is rentals, not purchases. Get it clean.


Is always a good idea. Price is an issue because Staging can often be 1-3% of the Sale and that is a lot. A good agent working with a good stager will be able to get you a list of their steps and if you can accomplish them and they don’t have to, that is the Seller’s savings.

Online Promotion

Tell a good story, no, tell a great story. Tell the story of the person/family that fits perfectly into this property.  If you tell their story, they will come.  Make your on line promotion real and avoid the usual dull real estate speak.

Professional Photos

This is a visual world, do it right and include video and drone work where you can. If it is pretty show it, if it isn’t make the pictures highlight the highlights

It may take time to get this work done, but once you do, your house won’t stay on the market for long. Then, you’ll really be ready to move on to your new life elsewhere. The fact is the first 30 days are critical. After 3o days and if you haven’t had more than 20 people through and entertained at least one offer it is time to adjust. Consult a professional on how to get the most from this point.

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Blogging Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

Blogging Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age.This provocative title is today’s Podcast. I co-host a weekly Podcast you can find at  We will be joined by a President of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors, Andrew Sarno. Andy has been involved in leadership in NAR, MAR and GBAR for many years. His main areas of focus have always been Standards and Practices.  Being a high level volunteer for your organization is often a thankless job. Andy has brought his penchant for caring for others to this job and his insight into how to stay relevant should prove interesting. hosts

I have been blogging since way before blogging was a thing. Writing down the stories of the day and sharing them has always been part of my day. Letters, emails, journaling, blogs are just the written word form of sharing story, now I am doing a podcast.  What is wonderful about a podcast is it is people sitting around talking about a subject. The show is 30 minutes long, we keep it short, and we have a guest and focus on one subject at a time.

Staying Relevant in todays digital age for a real estate sales agent demands nimbleness, adaptability and focus.  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc, etc are just the tip of the thousands of places you can get your message out. The process of selling a house has never changed. The Listing Agent/Owner prepares marketing materials and shares them with as many people as possible to attract them to the property. Today the internet makes that work both easier and less efficient.

Most agents who are not relevant follow the others they see. Posting your properties on your personal Facebook page, with a picture of you and your clients in front of a house is not as good marketing as you think. The humble brag approach shows the viewer nothing about the process just the result. A better practice would be to have those happy clients do a short video sharing your differences and why they love you. That is light years better. Get your date to say you are a good date and you will get popular.  Listen to our podcast over on Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

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Your Million Dollar Year Day 45 Half Way to Somewhere

Your Million Dollar Year Day 45 Half Way to Somewhere. The goal is to start out my new year at a new agency doing all the things that should be done to make me successful. In these first 45 days I have done considerable and this success has only made me realize there is so much more to do, that can be done.  I have aligned myself with top agents who have shown me their daily routines; they have shared their mindset and this has helped a great deal. Surround yourself with the best agents you can and listen, learn and apply.

At one of my former agencies I had many friends who I went out of my way to assist. I always answered their calls and emails. I shared tips and techniques, I taught classes and wrote marketing materials to help them.  I left that office because they hired third toxic manager who had never closed any significant deal of any sort 13 closed sides in 9 years is not really a good agent. This “new team leader” came in to make her mark and her mark was the dissemination of the culture. I left and many others followed. She was fired and now they are on their fourth manager.

In an effort to help these people I have reached out to several of them to find my name and reputation was trashed after I left by this weak manager. When I found this out recently I shook my head. You can not stop people from talking. You can not defend the lies that are told in your absence. The best course of action is to move forward. There are always new people to talk to, always new agents to help. When I think of this I realize that there are so many more people I have helped and cared for and still do.  It is these people I cherish so I feel I am halfway to success in every aspect of the business except the trash talking of people behind their backs. That is on them and it is easier to move on than to allow in the negative actions of those who are not positive and professional. Your Million Dollar Year Day 45 Half Way to Somewhere

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Your Million Dollar Year Day 31 Resiliency

84% of Americans Believe Buying a Home is a Good Financial Decision

Your Million Dollar Year Day 31 Resiliency is a chief component of any successful life. It is not a matter of if something bad, or unfavorable will happen, it is a matter of when. When that moment hits you have several choices as you do every moment of your live.  You can grow or die. You can learn or wallow. You can complain or strategize. You can win in this loss or you won’t. My hot water heater broke, my car died and I lost out on a sizable commission I truly need and want and worked for, and this was just yesterday.  This is a lot of body blows in one day.  I have to say I feel horrible about myself and my predicament.

One thing I learned a long time ago is to pay attention to the questions you ask. For instance, What can I do right now to learn and grow from this is? This is so much stronger a question that many ask, Why Me?  Hey, why not you? Even that is a better question.  The thing is your brain is hard wired to think about what you ask.When you ask a better question you get a better result. Ask better questions.

It is horrible to feel badly about yourself, it is also human. When you deny your emotions, swallow them or compartmentalize them they will be there lurking to take you by surprise again and again.  Better to just take care of it in the moment just like you do time and again for a client who needs your immediate attention and action. Don’t hesitate, use Mel Robbins, 5 Second Rule if you need help getting started. Drink water, go for a walk, do something both physical and mental not related at all to the recent event. That allows you to re-arrive at your disaster with a fresher outlook.  It often ain’t pretty, but it is life. Enjoy Your Million Dollar Year Day 31 Resiliency

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Million Dollar Year Day 1

The day I got my real estate license

The first day is always exciting, filled with success, hope and plans you strike off to lands yet unexplored, or just another day in real estate, as the cynic would say. When I first joined Active Rain back before I had my license in MA, I had my license in TX. I lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area and worked for an EXIT Realty franchise.  My nine months in TX gave birth to the realization that no Northern boy belongs in Texas. What made matter worse is they always called you a Yankee. Being a Boston boy since 1980 I am far from a Yankee as you can get here in the heart of Red Sox Nation. Back then I read and wrote about a book by Walter Sanford a coach and writer of many books. The particular one I was writing about was entitled If I could Start Over Again. It was a nuts and bolts way to succeed in this business.

Decisions are made, ready to ride.

My plan is to move agencies for the third, and I know, the final time.  In the last 9 years I have learned about Brands, Franchises, and my needs.  I spent 9 months with  EXIT, 2.5 years with RE/MAX , and now 6 years with Keller Williams. 9 years of learning and growing. These companies are all franchises.  An Owner buys the Franchise and it’s area, the agent works for the owner/broker.  The broker pays the Franchise, the agent pays the Owner and the Franchise. This is very good for the Franchise, not always good for the agent. There is a new breed of agency now driven by the internet.  eXp, Compass, Zillow,, Redfin have come into the market offering virtual offices for less cost and fees while offering the consumer better deals on their houses through discounted commission fees. While this is seemingly good for the consumer it is not so good for the Agent.  Don’t you wish there was a hybrid agency that had no fees, a more reasonable cap amount and offered both virtual and bricks and mortar offices locations? That is where I am heading and this is Day 1 of the first 90. Today I have to get my act together for the actual move.

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Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life

OurStories Page

Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life. It is Spring, the weekends are busy, so with details galore and various properties to juggle the here and now gets lost. I think this is normal, I don’t know.  I do know I like the Kellerism, “you can have results, or you can have reasons, you can’t have both.” So I won’t try with any reasons, today is Day 26 of 90 in my Realtor® life and rebooting the reboot of the reboot.

Constant change is something you can depend on.  Constantly all over the map is never efficient nor leads to success. Spread too thin is a caution I am finding.  What gets lost is the routines, the habits, the things you know will

set you straight on the path. Today, now and present of the implementations of those best practices often gets lost in the today’s, here’s and now’s of a growing agent.  Once the string is broken, it feels daunting to get back. The practices of a single real estate deal are complex but can be mastered.  When you have time to consider the best options and the best way to communicate you can nail it if you have training and experience.

The difference between a mid-producing agent and top producers is these practices, the habits. For me they include this reminder of

what it was like in hopes that I can recognize the side track and remember the path.  Corrections along the way is how we navigate. Change is not bad, change is good and what is better is controlling and directing the change.  In every day we are in control of our own days.  With control comes responsibility. What am I hungry for plants its pic in the corner of my brain? Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life