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Day 15 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

Why Is It Important to Use a Professional to Sell Your Home

Day 15 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018 and in 2018 real estate best practices includes lots of lead generation and prospecting.  Best practices tell us that one third of your day at a minimum is spent prospecting for new leads and prospects. So simple, right, well, not really.  The discipline to get up and perform each and every day is not simple.  It requires a focus and discipline born from that focus.  This morning I got an email from a newer agent wondering if she should buy Zillow leads.  Zillow is the 800 pound guerilla out there.

Zillow koolaid

Zillow is stealing your leads, well not stealing, they have outmaneuvered the real estate industry by building a platform that attracts most of the consumer viewers, they aggregate YOUR listings into their platform and then sell back to you the leads coming from your listings.  Then lazy agents (I know all of you are not lazy, I know some of you have had positive experiences buying your colleagues leads) are thrilled to not have to do any work to get leads and feel the payment is work enough.  They are short sighted and agents playing the short game are rarely in the industry long enough to understand.

93.9% Of Homes in The US Have Positive Equity

The best lead is someone you have spoken to, met, served with or related to so start there.  The last place to look for leads is through the purchase route.  Best practices in real estate have never, from my experience, buying leads, it is about the work you put in daily into your community.  I trust this post will spark outrage with an agent or two who swears by the practice of buying a lead coming from hard work of a colleague selling a home.  I will never buy a lead, I just don’t believe in helping an industry decimate that industry. Day 15 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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Day 14 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

Why Are So Few Homes for Sale

Day 14 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018. Big Breakthrough day yesterday, let me share.  Like many working agents in the field I am good at some things and need to become good at others.  The process and best practice in real estate are simple, not easy.  Following the steps of selling or assisting in buying a property are laid out every day in our communities.  How to get those listings and those buyers is another skill all together.  Each agent learns early on that they need to prospect for clients.  “Don’t be the secret agent” we are told and by that it is stated that to be successful you need everyone to know you are a real estate professional.  Those with outgoing personalities have no difficulty in doing just that.  The bigger question is, what about those who do not have that type personality.

More Boomerang Buyers Are about to Enter the Market

In the assessment of personal skills my coach and I began to identify those thoughts, the feelings and emotions that were keeping me from the success I wanted and knew I deserve.  We had to find that moment where I was stopping myself with my own thoughts.  Yesterday was that day.  Finishing up my early morning routines of meditation, reading, writing and exercise I got to the prospecting part.  I felt a nervous and all to familiar pang in my stomach, my mind started to race, my hands felt like lead.  I listened for the first time to what I was saying to myself.

“I hate getting solicitation calls in the morning.”    And there it was.  I just didn’t want to be the person I had to be to accomplish what I want.  I was feeding my mind with the wrong energy, the exact opposite energy I needed to be successful in the prospecting which is the lifeblood of every successful agent.  I was my own enemy and this has been going on for the whole of my career.  So now I know and now I know I can change that.  The change comes with I realize people who have not sold their home, people who have not found their home are in need of people like me to help them. Why not me?  Why not work with someone who listens and cares.  NOW, that is the thought I will approach day 14 with. Two weeks in I found a flaw that will change my trajectory for ever, just keep focused. So this is Day 14 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018.

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Day 13 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018


Day 13 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018.  Back in 2010 when I was first licensed I worked for a firm that had “up time” which is when an agent has to answer the phones on incoming calls.  It was my first week, it was my third call.  “I’m trying to get in touch with Brad,” I heard him say.  Brad wasn’t in the office, Brad didn’t come in often.  It turned out that Brad also didn’t return his calls or his email and the caller was pissed.  Sensing his frustration and knowing that communications is a key complaint of agents I stood up for Brad and said, “I can help you today, if you would like and we can let Brad know.”  


Bryant wanted to buy a house.  He had been pre-qualified and had done some research and knew the towns he was looking in, the price point he wanted and the neighborhood amenities he needed.  In that first afternoon I was impressed with how much Bryant knew.  I got him into several homes that day and told him I was letting Brad know what we had done.  Bryant said, “forget Brad.  He can’t return my calls or emails then he is not the agent for me. I’ll work with you, send me the paperwork.”  Before I did so I tracked down Brad to tell him so that he could mend fences.  Brad didn’t care.  (Brad thought the business was too hard and left the industry a month later)


We got Bryant his home.  He married his girlfriend.  We rented her condo.  They had a baby and now they are going to have another.  He called me again last week saying I want you to sell our condo, then our house and I want to get into a bigger home by September 15th.  Real Estate best practice is to answer your phone, talk to people, get back to them.  It can mean not just the one deal but in this case 7 deals in 8 years and a great relationship with a client.  This is Day 13 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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Day 12 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

Day 12 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018 and all real estate best practices are implemented by people. People have families and life.  My life was altered last week in the beginning of the middle of my second full week.  My 93 year old mother in law was the focus of our family. She needed the attention of all of us to help her transition from assisted living to nursing home life.  This is an immense change for anyone and one that awaits us all should we be lucky enough to live this long.  We all need help from time to time and understanding that and then taking action to help others is what makes us truly human.


My own needs and goals took a back seat to someone else’s needs and wants.  This is not unlike our profession.  The best practice of every agent is to know when to turn off self and awaken to someone else’s needs, wants and desires. A single minded focus, we are told, will lead us to the promised land of success and infinite wealth, and perhaps happiness, but this just may not be accurate.  As human professionals working with people looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate we can not separate ourselves from this primary need for the shelter of our fellow human. 

Be Thankful You Don’t Have to Pay Mom and Dad’s Interest Rate

We have been trained in the many facets of real estate and need to remember the emotional connection to these needs in our clients.  It is not enough to know about construction, zoning, Title V, pricing, marketing and so much more, we must also be aware that this is at it’s core a human transition from one spot to the next and this change is monumental when it happens.  My mother in law has made a change and helping her was more important than this work for those days.  Best practices in life are always about realizing your own humanness and helping other with their’s. Day 12 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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Day 10 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018


Day 10 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018. When do you count a real estate deal a success, or should I ask, when do you consider yourself a success with real estate.  Our work is so varied with so many moments of up and down, we truly live in a career that delivers success and failure each and every day.  Do you count it a success when you get a listing appointment, when they sign the listing agreement?  Both are important moments and do have a measure of success to them.  Do you count it a success when it goes on the market?  It is a success when you get an offer, or do you wait for the purchase and sale?  Is it at the P&S that you allow yourself to think about the commission that will be yours at the closing.

Or is it a success when you close and get your commission check?  I am inclined to think of each of these moments as successful moments. Celebrating success can be a daily habit.  Success comes from the daily habits you embrace.  It is not the first rejection or hang up that slows the process, that is just part of the process.  Success comes when, as a Realtor®, you do your job to the best of your ability during that day, that time, that moment regardless of outcome. This is what my coaching is teaching me.

Fear is part of the daily routine and that is fine.  Failure is not any worse than success is good they are one in the same.  It is in our daily efforts that we connect.  Without connecting to people who wish to buy, sell, or invest we are nothing.  Our purpose as professionals is to know, inform, engage and assist our communities,nothing more, nothing less.  Let’s all do that today,Day 10 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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Day 9 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018

Milton MA real estate

Day 9 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018. Today I get started with my coach.  I did finally hear from the first coach I contacted who has been incommunicado for 8 days while the coach I chose has been actively and consistently sharing information and opportunity.  How is this not like our real estate game.  He hire the people who have the most passion and desire to help us as individuals. It is never the reputation of the fact we are friends.  When I see agents complain that their friend has chosen another to represent them I know that that agent friend did not do enough to convince the Seller/Buyer that their friendship was the reason to hire you for the job.

Newton MA real estate

Real estate best practices are written down and discussed daily. Any question any agent might have can find multiple answers with a single query, so why are people not more successful  I know for me it is because I am or was all over the map every day.  LIke some dog in the yard any squirrel would get my attention until the next squirrel showed up, I was not focused on tasks at hand.   Knowing what you are going to do today and every day is not a handicap, it is a power that frees you. 

Boston Back Bay

I am nervous about today and there are pangs of “what have I done?”  I know these to be just jitters and not real fears.  In fact, quite the opposite, I am at the point that I want to have someone who is paid to help me to the next level tell me what I am doing right and wrong in terms of successful real estate practices.  At the end of these 90 days will be a loving and listing professional who is just now at Day 9 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018