Real Estate Best Practices PODCAST with Ilya Cobi

Real Estate Best Practices PODCAST with Ilya Cobi From William Raveis, The Cobi RE Team in Brookline, MA. In this podcast Ilya, Larry and Jim talk about the characteristics of the best agents and their practices. Not all agents are created equal, there are A students and C students and it is not hard to tell them apart. The best agents use the best practices and technology. In today’s world where we no longer have free access to properties during this pandemic it is even more important than ever you work with people who know the process completely and can keep you informed and prepared to make the decisions on the property along the way.

Real estate agents are everywhere. Everyone has a friend, a relative, a significant other, a friend of a friend or that annoying guy you met at Starbucks, real estate agents are everywhere. OLD CAR is an acronym in real estate on what your agent owes you, Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Accountability and Reasonable Care/Diligence and this needs more clarification. The internet tools, the ways to communicate across an array of tools is important for protecting your information in a safe and timely way. Knowing the correct ways to market the property to the buyers and helping them adjust to the process during Covid-19.

I am intrigued with the “excellent educator” characteristic appears in the 7 habits of the highly effective agents. People know so much about real estate and what they don’t know they can look up, but someone who studies the variations on the facts is far better to handle and educate you on what you are to expect and the best ways to stay focused on what you want and need. People need and deserve a professional skilled in the process and steeped in the technology. This podcast is a conversation and this topic. Real Estate Best Practices PODCAST with Ilya Cobi


Kelly Catallo community activist and industry leader PODCAST

Kelly Catallo community activist and industry leader PODCAST. Kelly Catallo is the CEO of Cosmopolitan Realty in Medford MA. She grew up in Medford and has spent her life time being involved in all sorts of community activities and organizations.  Her resume speaks volumes of her passions for helping. In 2016 she won the Good Neighbor Award from both the Massachusetts Association of Realtors and also the Greater Boston Association of Realtors. I was on that award committee that gave her this award and in reading all the worthy candidates from that year Kelly stood out.

Like all successful Realtors® and Broker/Owners Kelly uses her skills to promote herself and her firm as well as she does her community and it’s organizations. You will hear how one of her designations, the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) has only 3% of the licensed people in the country as members. She touts their ongoing education for their designated agents as being the best.  Just a little bit of puffery here. The Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CHLMS) has only 1% of the agents in the country as designated. I am a Gold Member of this group which is even more select. The real point here is that agents who continue to learn and grow are a select group of people and are poised to bring you greater results because of their efforts. Kelly is truly a gift for her community.

In this podcast we discuss a range of real estate subjects and Kelly is had deep knowledge and experience at every level. Her Cosmopolitan Real Estate company is based in Medford and she and her company serve that and the surrounding communities. Kelly makes it her goal to be positive in all aspects of her life, her career and the organizations she serves. We should all be like Kelly in many ways. Kelly Catallo community activist and industry leader PODCAST


In the office not at home Day 2 Covid-19 lock down

In the office not at home Day 2 Covid-19 lock down. I always makes calls when I am in the car traveling, we agents spend a lot of time everyday in the car going places. Here in Massachusetts we are in lock down and are told to shelter in place (which means don’t go out). This Corona virus is serious and is impacting businesses, families and countries.  The only way to protect yourself is to be away from people for a time so that we can flatten out the new infection curve.

I spoke with a client this morning who wondered where I was calling from. I said from my car and I am headed to my office.  A pregnant pause before he asked, “why are you going to your office?” I explained how our office has been clean and disinfected.  I have my own space that no one uses but me so I should be safe.  There was still hesitation and I felt I had to add more.

“I have a wonderful home office that I can do what I need to, but with the whole area shut down my wife is also home.  My home office is right off the Kitchen on the first floor of our center entrance Colonial. My wife, when she is home, will sit in the living room, the next room over. As agents know, we make a lot of calls every day.

I am willing to face infection and maybe even death to not have to answer my wife calling from another room when I finish a call, “Who was that? Are you going to list their house?  How much will that one sell for?” I am happy to defy the law of the land not to have to answer those questions today. I am headed to the office. In the office not at home Day 2 Covid-19 lock down


Milton MA Single Family Market Report Jan 2020

Milton MA real estate

Milton MA Single Family Market Report Jan 2020. This report is from our local MLSPIN which includes all properties on the market using the MLS. There are some For Sale By Owners (FSBO) that are not included. You can find those homes on Zillow, Craigs List and other platforms not affiliated with professional real estate. There are 60 properties on this months list

Single Family New Listings: 3 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 1,746 Median List $: $625,000 Median List $/SqFt: $374 Median DOM: 1

Single Family Active Listings: 21 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 4,031 Median List $: $1,295,000 Median List $/SqFt: $357 Median DOM: 96

So 24 homes are actively on the market now.

Single Family Contingent Listings: 5 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 3,822 Median List $: $1,079,000 Median List $/SqFt: $339 Median DOM: 12 Median DTO: 6

Single Family Under Agreement Listings: 11 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 2,503 Median List $: $1,065,000 Median List $/SqFt: $327 Median DOM: 60 Median DTO: 45

These are the homes that will be sold next month, there are 16 of these homes.

Single Family Sold Listings: 13 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 1,863 Median List $: $687,000 Median List $/SqFt: $405 Median DOM: 27 Median DTO: 11 Median Sale $: $700,000 Median Sale $/SqFt: $408

With 13 SOLD and next month a possible 16 to be sold, there is less than 2 months inventory of Active houses. This is a Sellers Market by definition.  6 months of inventory is a normal market.

Single Family Temporarily Withdrawn Listings: 6 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 2,448 Median List $: $964,500 Median List $/SqFt: $424 Median DOM: 62

Single Family Expired Listings: 1 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 2,802 Median List $: $1,049,000 Median List $/SqFt: $374 Median DOM: 163

These homes withdrawn from the market or expired are those listings that suffered from too high a price for the property or an agent who does not know how to get as many people looking at the property and interested in it to make an offer. These issues are correctable when you work with a professional who can guide you through the process and has a proven record of getting the most for his properties. This has been the Milton MA Single Family Market Report Jan 2020


Milton Residential Single Family Market Report January 2020

Milton, MA 02186

Milton Residential Single Family Market Report January 2020, this report comes from statistics gathered from the Multiple Listing Service in the Boston Area, MLSPIN. Of the 69 Active, UAG, Sold, etc homes in the market right now.  Single Family Active Listings: 23 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 4,741 Median List $: $1,440,000 Median List $/SqFt: $323 Median DOM: 103 The 103 Days on Market could be a reflection of the holidays, that is a long time for a good market.

Single Family Contingent Listings: 6 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 2,762 Median List $: $949,500 Median List $/SqFt: $317 Median DOM: 66.5 Median DTO: 59.5

Single Family Under Agreement Listings: 7 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 2,628 Median List $: $839,000 Median List $/SqFt: $350 Median DOM: 72 Median DTO: 58

These two statistics show a better Days On Market and probably are better priced by the agent. The consumer has access to pricing information so guessing at the right price, or over valuing your home will keep it on the market.


Single Family Sold Listings: 23 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 2,075 Median List $: $700,000 Median List $/SqFt: $337 Median DOM: 59 Median DTO: 27 Median Sale $: $700,000 Median Sale $/SqFt: $337  Right here is where we see it is still a good Seller’s market with 23 properties sold. That gives us a little over 3 months of inventory which is a Sellers Market.

Single Family Expired Listings: 9 Median Liv. Area SqFt: 4,553 Median List $: $1,295,000 Median List $/SqFt: $311 Median DOM: 118  Well with these days at 118 on market it means more of the inventory will be going expired soon. Interest rates will remain low over the next several months. Of course these things can change if world or local situations change a well. Milton is an active community with several social media sites to keep you informed. Milton Neighbors UNCENSORED, Milton Neighbors, Milton Scene. Any and all of these sites will give you a flavor of what the people who live here are talking about right now. Milton Residential Single Family Market Report January 2020

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Blogging Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

Blogging Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age.This provocative title is today’s Podcast. I co-host a weekly Podcast you can find at  We will be joined by a President of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors, Andrew Sarno. Andy has been involved in leadership in NAR, MAR and GBAR for many years. His main areas of focus have always been Standards and Practices.  Being a high level volunteer for your organization is often a thankless job. Andy has brought his penchant for caring for others to this job and his insight into how to stay relevant should prove interesting. hosts

I have been blogging since way before blogging was a thing. Writing down the stories of the day and sharing them has always been part of my day. Letters, emails, journaling, blogs are just the written word form of sharing story, now I am doing a podcast.  What is wonderful about a podcast is it is people sitting around talking about a subject. The show is 30 minutes long, we keep it short, and we have a guest and focus on one subject at a time.

Staying Relevant in todays digital age for a real estate sales agent demands nimbleness, adaptability and focus.  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc, etc are just the tip of the thousands of places you can get your message out. The process of selling a house has never changed. The Listing Agent/Owner prepares marketing materials and shares them with as many people as possible to attract them to the property. Today the internet makes that work both easier and less efficient.

Most agents who are not relevant follow the others they see. Posting your properties on your personal Facebook page, with a picture of you and your clients in front of a house is not as good marketing as you think. The humble brag approach shows the viewer nothing about the process just the result. A better practice would be to have those happy clients do a short video sharing your differences and why they love you. That is light years better. Get your date to say you are a good date and you will get popular.  Listen to our podcast over on Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age