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Why work with Larry Lawfer?


For Buying, Renting, Selling knowledge and experience listen to some video testimonials listed below.

  1. He knows your neighborhood,
  2. Closing deals quickly and with success is his experience throughout his careers,
  3. His ability to listen and understand what you want and need,
  4. His ability to communicate across all of the involved people,
  5. How is involves you in the process, no surprises.
  6. How he keeps you informed on a regular basis, it will be organized and timely
  7. How he demonstrates each and every day that it really is “all about you”,

Larry Lawfer has more to offer, call him first.

Your process when you search for a real estate agent to work with is often not a process at all, but just a default.  Many people work with the first person they talk to. As in most situations this is not the best way to find the exact right person to work with.  For over 28 years Larry has been working with clients who are demanding, have special needs and want someone who will actually listen.  Larry listens.

In fact Larry often tells people he listens for a living. Without understanding exactly what you want no real estate agent can deliver that to you.  Larry has won national and international awards for his work over the years, but none of that is important to you right now.  Right now you want someone who will listen to what you want and work tirelessly to deliver that to you.  Call Larry, he really does have more to offer.

Larry is a well known blogger here, he is ranked by Active Rain (the facebook of real estate) as one of the top 1% agents in Massachusetts and Texas.  Larry is looked upon as a marketing guru for all the work he has done over the years for Fortune 100 executives.  Again, this means nothing to you until you work with him and experience first hand what it is like to be in the hands of a true professional who puts your needs first.

Larry has long been a social media practitioner.  At the international Search Engine Strategies conference Larry spoke about Story Teller Marketing.

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