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Million Dollar Year Day 1

The day I got my real estate license

The first day is always exciting, filled with success, hope and plans you strike off to lands yet unexplored, or just another day in real estate, as the cynic would say. When I first joined Active Rain back before I had my license in MA, I had my license in TX. I lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area and worked for an EXIT Realty franchise.  My nine months in TX gave birth to the realization that no Northern boy belongs in Texas. What made matter worse is they always called you a Yankee. Being a Boston boy since 1980 I am far from a Yankee as you can get here in the heart of Red Sox Nation. Back then I read and wrote about a book by Walter Sanford a coach and writer of many books. The particular one I was writing about was entitled If I could Start Over Again. It was a nuts and bolts way to succeed in this business.

Decisions are made, ready to ride.

My plan is to move agencies for the third, and I know, the final time.  In the last 9 years I have learned about Brands, Franchises, and my needs.  I spent 9 months with  EXIT, 2.5 years with RE/MAX , and now 6 years with Keller Williams. 9 years of learning and growing. These companies are all franchises.  An Owner buys the Franchise and it’s area, the agent works for the owner/broker.  The broker pays the Franchise, the agent pays the Owner and the Franchise. This is very good for the Franchise, not always good for the agent. There is a new breed of agency now driven by the internet.  eXp, Compass, Zillow,, Redfin have come into the market offering virtual offices for less cost and fees while offering the consumer better deals on their houses through discounted commission fees. While this is seemingly good for the consumer it is not so good for the Agent.  Don’t you wish there was a hybrid agency that had no fees, a more reasonable cap amount and offered both virtual and bricks and mortar offices locations? That is where I am heading and this is Day 1 of the first 90. Today I have to get my act together for the actual move.