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Blogging Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

Blogging Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age.This provocative title is today’s Podcast. I co-host a weekly Podcast you can find at  We will be joined by a President of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors, Andrew Sarno. Andy has been involved in leadership in NAR, MAR and GBAR for many years. His main areas of focus have always been Standards and Practices.  Being a high level volunteer for your organization is often a thankless job. Andy has brought his penchant for caring for others to this job and his insight into how to stay relevant should prove interesting. hosts

I have been blogging since way before blogging was a thing. Writing down the stories of the day and sharing them has always been part of my day. Letters, emails, journaling, blogs are just the written word form of sharing story, now I am doing a podcast.  What is wonderful about a podcast is it is people sitting around talking about a subject. The show is 30 minutes long, we keep it short, and we have a guest and focus on one subject at a time.

Staying Relevant in todays digital age for a real estate sales agent demands nimbleness, adaptability and focus.  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc, etc are just the tip of the thousands of places you can get your message out. The process of selling a house has never changed. The Listing Agent/Owner prepares marketing materials and shares them with as many people as possible to attract them to the property. Today the internet makes that work both easier and less efficient.

Most agents who are not relevant follow the others they see. Posting your properties on your personal Facebook page, with a picture of you and your clients in front of a house is not as good marketing as you think. The humble brag approach shows the viewer nothing about the process just the result. A better practice would be to have those happy clients do a short video sharing your differences and why they love you. That is light years better. Get your date to say you are a good date and you will get popular.  Listen to our podcast over on Podcasting Staying Relevant in the Digital Age

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Not all clients are created equal; Hindsight is always crystal clear.

Not all clients are created equal; Hindsight is always crystal clear. “What we have here is a failure to communicate,” a line from Cool Hand Luke, a movie from 1967 starring Paul Newman. Communications, in real estate, is most often the reason for there to be no meeting of the minds. Without  meeting of the minds, there is no agreement.

I met the whole family in the living room of their mother who had lived in the house for many years. Mother was going to join Daughter in her home, they were selling the original home  and it went on the market.


In my first 128 days I brought the same buyer back twice with an offer of $615,000 and $10,000 back at closing, effectively $605,000.  Because I was unable to explain the value of this offer in a way that the Seller would accept the offer that is best for them I failed. What I learned it is not just that facts that are important, it is the manner in which the facts are shared.

In real estate people don’t always make rational decisions, it is often based on emotion.  Once the emotion is right, then the Buyer looks for data to support that decision.  The job of a good agent is to provide all the necessary information so the Seller can make the best decision for them. That is al. I feel sorry these people lost $30,000 and almost another year, we have all moved on. I, for certain, learned with this one. The trick to being successful is not making the same mistakes twice.

Not all clients are created equal; Hindsight is always crystal clear. If your mind is focused on providing people with their best options the best you can. Learn along the way. Always meet in person, never over the phone, if your client is a physician, only their job is life and death, not yours.Not all clients are created equal; Hindsight is always crystal clear. 

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Your Million Dollar Year Day 20 GREEN I AM

Your Million Dollar Year Day 20 GREEN I AM. And thanks to Craig Foley for his insight and wisdom during the two day course.  There is such a wealth of information packed into these two days, it will take months to digest and learn it all.  Building healthy efficient homes should be a mandate in our building process and it already is in some communities.  Here are resourced provided by Craig to the class, they are useful for any builder, Realtor® or consumer interested in healthy, efficient homes.

Additional Resources NAR Green Designation



NAR Green Resource Council:

NAR Realtor Sustainability Program:

NAR Smart Growth Program:

NAR Webinar “REALTORS Engage In Placemaking” excellent webinar on projects and process for applying for placemaking grants,

NAR On Common Ground Magazine online:




BCAP/AI/NAR Doc Requesting Qualified (Green) Appraiser:

AI Green Addendum:

PVValue Tool:



Solar PV valuation/marketing online class:

                  MA Solar PV 2 Hr online CEU

                  Using the PV Value Tool video




HERS Index Score National Registry (July 2012):


U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) – LEED Certification

National Association of Home Builders – NGBS Certification

Passive House Institute of U.S. (PHUIS)

Energy Star Home

Pearl Certification (NAR REach Partner 2017)

My client asked, “Who should I use for my solar PV installer?” Energy Sage gives multiple bids for multiple installers


Federal Financing Toolkit for smartgrowth development



Smart Home:

Rocky Mountain Institute: “Sold! Why Understanding Home Energy Performance Will Become a Key to Real Estate Success”

Positive health and EE improvements:

Enterprise Sustainability Platform for Brokerages

Zero Energy Project

My Contact Info: cell 617-470-4554, email

Twitter @EnergyGeekCraig FB


Case Study Fort Hill Homes:  

Thank you Craig Foley. Your Million Dollar Year Day 20 GREEN I AM

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Newton real estate entertaining homes

Newton real estate entertaining homes 47 Dudley Road, Newton MA 02459 has a Broker’s Open House tonight and an Open House this Sunday from 11-1PM.  This house is special in many ways. It is convenient to everything.  It is nestled in behind the trees from the winding rural like Dudley Road. Once you drive into this private road off Dudley you are struck by the quality of the landscaping and design of the homes. 
47 Dudley, at least a portion of this home was built in 1900.  The rest of the home has been carefully developed over the years to include all of today’s desired amenities.  Open Space design off the renovated kitchen and sun room allow for parties large and small.  Mike shares with us the parties they have hosted over the years.

This house is tailor made for a growing family ready to have their children enter one of the best school systems in MA. Newton Public Schools have consistently rated among the best schools in the state and in the country. The family currently living in this home have raised their children in this 4545 square foot, 5 bedroom home. They enjoyed the assistance of Nanny’s during the children’s younger years. The Nanny’s bedroom is separate from the rest of the house and was one of the reasons several of the Nanny’s joined the family at 47 Dudley Road.

Philanthropic events, political events, engagement parties, team parties, family holidays and just having friends over for a casual party 47 Dudley Road makes it easy. The large flat front yard gives kids a place to play and gardeners a place to grow. The back yard has a wonderful patio right off the living room. If your family is looking to get out of the city this year, you might want to see this home before it is gone. This is one of Newton real estate entertaining homes