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Broker-Talk with Rene Ahmad REMAX Canada From Zero to Hero V1 E42

Broker-Talk with Rene Ahmad REMAX Canada; From Zero to Hero V1 E42. Mindset, skills and activity are the 3 key components for success in real estate. First is mindset requiring changing your scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.  Activity build confidence, skills are honed with repetition. This 30 minute show gives you the outline and offers you some paths to choose. Learn about Mindset, Skills and Activities that are the building blocks.

Rene had a lot of pressure on him when we met in 2005-2006. He wasn’t waking in the morning before noon. The first step to his current success was built on the building blocks of confident action. Any small step that he took and in the beginning it was learning to wake an hour earlier in the day to where he was able to work in the mornings. 

Now he is up by 5AM and taking care of his mindset by exercising, journaling, being part of a mastermind group, reading and study. The steps to success are simple, it is the action where most people fall down. The beauty of Rene and the way he built his success is by tiny successes. He just wanted to be a little bit better than the day before at the beginning.

Today is another story. Rene has a team that completes 70 transactions a year and growing. He never goes to sleep now without having made something happen during the day. That determination was built from one day to the next until it began to feed on itself. All studies on successful people discuss similar paths they all feel are their own unique arcs, and they are. What works is by applying on a daily basis your right mindset, the proper skills and a whole lot of activity.  The way to success is getting more done and that starts with the little habits being build one block at a time.

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Italian Real Estate Agent Shares Covid-19 Impact

March 19, 2020 Italian Real Estate Agent Marco Tirelli Shares Covid-19 Impact V1-E40. Italy has more deaths and may have had the first cases of the virus before China. Travel from your sheltered locations is prohibited. There are no real estate transactions happening right now. The government is doing their best, the hospitals are overwhelmed. Here in the US we are in our first week of this pandemic. You can visit Tirelli Properties here

They have been locked down for a month. Marco has the feeling that life has no guarantees and so he is not personally worried.  That said, he is focusing on maintaining  his relationships with his agents and his clients and prospects.  They are not able to show property. While they are using  video to show property it is his believe, one I share, that it is very hard to sell a home without the Buyer going through the home. Technology is part of the Terilli Properties organization and has been so since the beginning of the internet. The people of Italy have their minds somewhere else at this time. Everything is closed, right now. He is calling it August, which in all of Europe the vacation month where most business are closed.

They have no forecast on when this lockdown will be over but they are getting by. Each person is sheltered in their homes and only able to go out for emergency purposes.  Food shopping is one of those “emergencies”. Italians love real estate, states Marco and his company has luxury properties all over Europe. Marco starts off the show sharing his focus which is not just getting a commission. Marco believes, “We dream of a fair, clean and humane world. We believe in people and solidarity-based collaboration. Every day we aim to create and inspire our community to adopt a socially responsible and sustainable business model.” Italian Real Estate Agent Shares Covid-19 Impact

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Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor.To be a licensed real estate agent is simple, take the courses, pass the test and voila, you are an agent. Being professional at this career is a wholly different and more rigorous process.  Our guest today on is Mattapoisett, MA Realtor/Broker extraordinaire Kate Lanagan MacGregor of Bold Realty, Inc. Kate is a social media savant. She demonstrates on a daily basis how much she cares.  Starting with her daily posts on RITUALS to Rise (a private Facebook Group dedicated to starting each day with power, focus, strength and love).

Bold bus

Listen to this episode of and find out how to be the best agent you can for your community.  Find out how to be one of the best people you can be with Kate showing the way. Kate has been elected, appointed  and chosen to so many posts in her career. Realtor of the Year is well deserved because of her relentless caring of her community and her profession.  I have been privileged  to sit on the MAR (Massachusetts Association of Realtors) Communications Committee for some time following her as the chairman.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Kate is impressive in many ways, especially for her caring for others, but what is really exciting is to watch her morning videos discussing the ways in which we can act in ways that raises the boat for all. Real Estate is filled with people who are of differing backgrounds, education, experience and skills. There are A students and there are C students and below, Kate is one of the top agents who know what needs to be done, does it with flair and makes the path easier and more direct for others. This show may provide you with an insight you missed. An understanding of how to work, how to be professional is what she demonstrates. I am blessed to call Kate a colleague and a friend she is truly one who is Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor

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Cannabis Operator shares the secrets on

Cannabis Operator shares the secrets on Today’s show is interesting and a look behind the curtain on how a licensed operator can open a dispensary in MA.  Realtors® are constantly leading the way in the establishment of property values and watching for changes in the local markets. There are 11 states that have already legalized cannabis for sale. (Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington), the District of Columbia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam. Another 15 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands have decriminalized.

Andrew Kaskoff, CEO of Fathom is a licensed Cannabis operator in the Sate of Massachusetts. Andrew has 6 years experience operating in the Maine medical cannabis market giving Fathom access to the experienced growers and extractors.  Andres advises lenders, real estate professionals, family offices and multi-state operators helping them to enter and understand the east coast market.  If you think about this change and then think about the number of liquor stores everywhere you can imagine how big this could be once it is federally legal and all the states are also have ratified the federal laws.

We are looking forward to understanding the process beginning with finding the property, getting the property neighborhood to agree to the usage of the commercial property and then getting the town to accept the neighborhood acceptance. This is not for those who do not have a plan and time to spend getting through the entire process.  Community outreach, meetings, town meetings, and committee meetings will fill your days for a while to get this set up correctly. is a weekly podcast that covers all types of real estate issues for our audience of agents and consumers. If you have a question about any real estate issue let us know. We would be happy to have a show to discuss your questions. Cannabis Operator shares the secrets on

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Broker-Talk with Chris Brogan StoryLeader 3 Words for 2020

Broker-Talk with Chris Brogan StoryLeader 3 Words for 2020. Chris Brogan is a nerd, I love nerds. Chris was focused on growth and learning when I met him in 2005. He worked for a telecom in some tech type job and he was tired of going to the same old conferences where you sit in an audience with a set schedule of topics that were not always valuable. Along with Christopher Penn, Chris Brogan created the PodCamp movement.  That pulled me in.  With technology and social media growing in importance I saw the value in knowing and understanding it more. PodCamp offered the attendees an opportunity to shape the future.

Chris-Brogan-Story-Leader is an outgrowth of those early days and I am thrilled to have another opportunity to connect with Chris and listen to what he is currently working on.  His Three Words trended on LinkedIn all weekend. We spoke about ours on the show and Chris gave us his new word created for 2020, Structurequence.  My three words were Fearless, Action, Results. In the show Jim revealed his three words as well. Chris spoke about which of his 9 going on 10 books was his favorite and why. He refused to reveal his favorite writers having so many friends producing books these days. Chris is genuinely a nice guy who cares about value for his clients.

StoryLeader System is Chris’s 2020 offer. “What’s changed in the last five years? Fast isn’t fast enough. Customers want instant, not soon. This requires a lot more coordination throughout your organization,” Chris writes in this post. He breaks down the steps and he suggests you can pass on leadership DNA through a series of repeatable steps freeing up the Executive to take on other opportunities. Thanks Chris for being on the show and sharing your insights. 

Broker-Talk with Chris Brogan StoryLeader 3 Words for 2020


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Gratitude 2019 with Deanna Coyle

Giant Buddha statue at Genting Highlands

Gratitude 2019 with Deanna Coyle. Deanna Coyle is a co-founder of VestaDivorce and she was a guest on our show a month ago.  Her story is one very many of us can relate to. So many people go through difficult marriages, grow up in difficult households, live without love and have to survive.  Life is pain is an axiom for all, we end up dead and that is no real spoiler. No life is without pain and challenges, have you ever heard the story of Buddha? is a 30 minute show about real estate and life. Co-hosts Larry Lawfer and Jim Lowenstern discuss topics of real estate and a life lived.  Deanna’s life of hope and rejuvenation has helped her build a business that on a daily basis helps people who need this help. Her spirit of gratitude comes from her life experiences. 

Over the Falls

Read about it in her own words, on blog Negative Experience Recovery|Vesta: Redefining Divorce.x Today we get together on our show to share what we are grateful for in our lives.  Living in this spirit where you are actively searching in your day for things to feel good about, to feel they are your power, gives you power.

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas

When you look for what is working in your life, you are drawn to it. As in Mark Manson’s Book, THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A FU*K, we learn to disregard our thoughts that have no bearing on what we want in our day, in our lives. That guy who just cut you off, or took your parking spot, it just is not worth the ruining of the day. That slight, that oversight that makes you feel invisible may not have been intentional and even if it way, it is not important to the quality of your life to dwell on it. Listen in to Broker Talk about Gratitude 2019 with Deanna Coyle.