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Broker-Talk Podcast Day 50 Your Million Dollar Year

Broker-Talk Podcast Day 50 Your Million Dollar Year. To further promote our Agent One program of training agents individually to master their specific skills for sales in real estate, we go on air with our first Broker-Talk. The podcast is dedicated to honest and open conversation about the life of a real estate agent.It was originally designed to follow the hugely popular NPR show Car Talk.  Sadly one of the brothers died and so the show is in just reruns now. Many people believe that agents are more than happy to sell their soul, to live in the grey areas and to not be truthful for their own gain. I am hoping if one of us dies  to be a beloved a show as Car Talk on NPR, it will be Jim Lowenstern, Founder, CEO of Castles UnlimitedĀ® my partner, but don’t tell him that.


On the show today we had a call in RedFin agent from NY, we called him Guido Sarducci. Guido explained the philosophy of Redfin as being customer focused on delivering real estate services through their portal/app. As a Buyers Agent he gets paid to show houses to people who are looking in his/her/their area. The Redfin agent work for Redfin that is structured as a team. Whoever is available can be assigned to the client. This is very different than a traditional model of trust in your agent for their knowledge, experience and insight. The client is left on their own to gather all the information they need from the portal/app.

You can go through the whole process through your phone, the hand held personal computer that you sometimes talk to people on, but mostly just text with. From beginning to end the process is on line and on your phone. Broker-Talk Podcast Day 50 Your Million Dollar Year