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Italian Real Estate Agent Shares Covid-19 Impact

March 19, 2020 Italian Real Estate Agent Marco Tirelli Shares Covid-19 Impact V1-E40. Italy has more deaths and may have had the first cases of the virus before China. Travel from your sheltered locations is prohibited. There are no real estate transactions happening right now. The government is doing their best, the hospitals are overwhelmed. Here in the US we are in our first week of this pandemic. You can visit Tirelli Properties here

They have been locked down for a month. Marco has the feeling that life has no guarantees and so he is not personally worried.  That said, he is focusing on maintaining  his relationships with his agents and his clients and prospects.  They are not able to show property. While they are using  video to show property it is his believe, one I share, that it is very hard to sell a home without the Buyer going through the home. Technology is part of the Terilli Properties organization and has been so since the beginning of the internet. The people of Italy have their minds somewhere else at this time. Everything is closed, right now. He is calling it August, which in all of Europe the vacation month where most business are closed.

They have no forecast on when this lockdown will be over but they are getting by. Each person is sheltered in their homes and only able to go out for emergency purposes.  Food shopping is one of those “emergencies”. Italians love real estate, states Marco and his company has luxury properties all over Europe. Marco starts off the show sharing his focus which is not just getting a commission. Marco believes, “We dream of a fair, clean and humane world. We believe in people and solidarity-based collaboration. Every day we aim to create and inspire our community to adopt a socially responsible and sustainable business model.” Italian Real Estate Agent Shares Covid-19 Impact

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You are the prize Day 46 Your Million Dollar Year

You are the prize Day 46 Your Million Dollar Year. Mindset is everything when you are in a sales job and make no mistake, real estate is a sales job.  Not only are you selling and buying houses for your clients, you are selling yourself, your insight, your best practices, your price/value every single day. If you think for a moment before you make that first call to the expired or canceled listing person you already know far more than that person about why the property did not sell. You are the one with the information, insight, techniques and process for selling and buying property. You are the prize.

So many agents start the day hoping and wishing for an outcome from a place where they are not thinking of themselves as the solution but as an annoying person calling a mad and not informed person for the most part. This is the wrong mindset.  When you realize you have the answers and you are the prize, they you feel differently about that call. It makes no difference if the person is rude, or disbelieving, or disillusioned, you know how to make it better for them if you can make the emotional connection with them.

Making an emotional connection with anyone is always more about that person than it is you.  You have to listen and comprehend where they are. You need to ask the right questions to keep them talking until you break through the strong barriers built from the failure of the previous agent.  Frankly, the problem with the sale may have little to do with the previous agent because the prospect you are calling has need for the most cash and is ignoring the facts that the market will not give it to them. Making these calls you have to be of a mindset that you are the prize, you hold the information and ability to get done with the transaction. You need to know enough about their situation to assess if you are the right person.  Great agents move on from bad prospects and clients because we are the prize. You are the prize Day 46 Your Million Dollar Year

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Your Million Dollar Year Day 45 Half Way to Somewhere

Your Million Dollar Year Day 45 Half Way to Somewhere. The goal is to start out my new year at a new agency doing all the things that should be done to make me successful. In these first 45 days I have done considerable and this success has only made me realize there is so much more to do, that can be done.  I have aligned myself with top agents who have shown me their daily routines; they have shared their mindset and this has helped a great deal. Surround yourself with the best agents you can and listen, learn and apply.

At one of my former agencies I had many friends who I went out of my way to assist. I always answered their calls and emails. I shared tips and techniques, I taught classes and wrote marketing materials to help them.  I left that office because they hired third toxic manager who had never closed any significant deal of any sort 13 closed sides in 9 years is not really a good agent. This “new team leader” came in to make her mark and her mark was the dissemination of the culture. I left and many others followed. She was fired and now they are on their fourth manager.

In an effort to help these people I have reached out to several of them to find my name and reputation was trashed after I left by this weak manager. When I found this out recently I shook my head. You can not stop people from talking. You can not defend the lies that are told in your absence. The best course of action is to move forward. There are always new people to talk to, always new agents to help. When I think of this I realize that there are so many more people I have helped and cared for and still do.  It is these people I cherish so I feel I am halfway to success in every aspect of the business except the trash talking of people behind their backs. That is on them and it is easier to move on than to allow in the negative actions of those who are not positive and professional. Your Million Dollar Year Day 45 Half Way to Somewhere

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Million Dollar Year Day 7 how I’m doing


Million Dollar Year Day 7 how I’m doing. In the first week I got my new cards, my new signs, my new email signature. I took all the contents and contacts from my old system and they are in my new system, I have met with prospects, I have met with clients, I have no new listings, that is how I am doing. In real estate it is all about the listing. It is said list to last. And so I have been talking to my real estate colleagues to see what is up with their progress.

People talk about the Spring market like it is something to wait for, it is not. It will come along every year, there is no waiting in real estate.  People get married every day, people have children, get new jobs, loose their job every day.  People move close to their family, or as far away as they can, they get

Home Sales Expected to Increase Nicely in 2019

new jobs in new towns so there is always something going on in the neighborhoods.  A way to prospect in your town is to look at the statistics in the neighborhoods you cover and find areas where 10% of the properties or greater turn over each year. That makes for fine prospecting.

Be Thankful You Don’t Have to Pay Mom and Dad’s Interest Rate

You can use social media to see who is talking about moving, who is looking for information about a town and reach out to them.  You can drive around your farm area and see who has put a dumpster in their yard. That is often a sign things are changing and well worth the few moments to stop by and ask. Real estate is a full contact sport and if you are not in front of people talking about real estate you are the secret agent no one will know about.  You have to check in on yourself to find out if  your Million Dollar Year Day 7 how I’m doing is on the right track