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Broker-Talk with Rene Ahmad REMAX Canada From Zero to Hero V1 E42

Broker-Talk with Rene Ahmad REMAX Canada; From Zero to Hero V1 E42. Mindset, skills and activity are the 3 key components for success in real estate. First is mindset requiring changing your scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.  Activity build confidence, skills are honed with repetition. This 30 minute show gives you the outline and offers you some paths to choose. Learn about Mindset, Skills and Activities that are the building blocks.

Rene had a lot of pressure on him when we met in 2005-2006. He wasn’t waking in the morning before noon. The first step to his current success was built on the building blocks of confident action. Any small step that he took and in the beginning it was learning to wake an hour earlier in the day to where he was able to work in the mornings. 

Now he is up by 5AM and taking care of his mindset by exercising, journaling, being part of a mastermind group, reading and study. The steps to success are simple, it is the action where most people fall down. The beauty of Rene and the way he built his success is by tiny successes. He just wanted to be a little bit better than the day before at the beginning.

Today is another story. Rene has a team that completes 70 transactions a year and growing. He never goes to sleep now without having made something happen during the day. That determination was built from one day to the next until it began to feed on itself. All studies on successful people discuss similar paths they all feel are their own unique arcs, and they are. What works is by applying on a daily basis your right mindset, the proper skills and a whole lot of activity.  The way to success is getting more done and that starts with the little habits being build one block at a time.

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Foreclosure King in Arkansas V1-E36 Jeff Scherrey Podcast.

Foreclosure King in Arkansas V1-E36 Jeff Scherrey. Building success in real estate is about focus and caring. Jeff developed his discipline serving our country during the Dessert Storm days. He spent time daily building his relationship with the banks well ahead of them trusting him with a property to sell. Today Jeff is considering retirement at the age of 40. Listen to him share how you, too, can be at the top of your game.

Jeff was in the Army and served our country in Dessert Storm. He spent time in Afghanistan. When he returned to his home area in Little Rock, Arkansas he started work in the real estate industry. As we remember the housing crisis in 2008-2010 was forcing hundreds of thousands of Americans out of their homes through foreclosure. The banks, through their greed and the loosing of regulations, were giving unqualified people a chance to own their own homes without the ability to pay. Jeff saw this as an opportunity to help those in need in his area, then his state. I met Jeff in 2010, my first year in real estate. He came to the Dallas Fort Worth area to the office I started in and offered to feed our office Texas foreclosures.

Jeff built that business and sells more than 100 houses a year. His plans are to retire before he is 40 and he is on target for that achievement. Along the way Jeff built a Keller Williams office into one of the most successful in the country. Today he says that time as a Team Leader in KW took him away from the work he does. He opened his own brokerage Aspire Realty Group a couple of years ago and brought with him the top producers from that KW office. Today Jeff is ready to retire, take 30 minutes and listen to his story on today’s podcast.  Foreclosure King in Arkansas V1-E36 Jeff Scherrey Podcast.

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EntryOnly Owner Jason Saphire talks about listing 1000 a year

EntryOnly Owner Jason Saphire talks about listing 1000 a year. One of the first questions

EntryOnly Home Page

we were interested in was how do other agents react to him and his business model.  Yes, he did have a death threat or two, but the agents reached out to him through MLS which also delivered their name and numbers to him. He called them up and correctly explained that these Sellers come to him, he is not taking others potential listings.  60% of these houses that he lists close which means 40% don’t and the Seller goes back into the market looking for another solution. is in all of the New England states as well as California although in CA the home page

system operates differently at that state. The facts and reality of the real estate market right now is that there is so many ways for professionals and consumers to determine if a price is a value or not. From this perspective EntryOnly customers think they can do a better job, or save more money.  The proof of that does not bear out this as a truth. The truth is a professional who understands the market and knows how to market a property statistically gets as much as 20% more than the for sale by owner.

Jason is successful with this program not only because he provides the consumer with an

Jason Saphire entryonly

alternative to traditional real estate sales and he has built out a platform that provides those consumers with what they need and are looking for. Personally I applaud this fellow Broker for his ingenuity in figuring out early in his career how he can be successful. Providing the Sellers with what they want and you are consistent with that message and follow up in a constant matter makes all the difference. This podcast shares EntryOnly Owner Jason Saphire talks about listing 1000 a year