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Foreclosure King in Arkansas V1-E36 Jeff Scherrey Podcast.

Foreclosure King in Arkansas V1-E36 Jeff Scherrey. Building success in real estate is about focus and caring. Jeff developed his discipline serving our country during the Dessert Storm days. He spent time daily building his relationship with the banks well ahead of them trusting him with a property to sell. Today Jeff is considering retirement at the age of 40. Listen to him share how you, too, can be at the top of your game.

Jeff was in the Army and served our country in Dessert Storm. He spent time in Afghanistan. When he returned to his home area in Little Rock, Arkansas he started work in the real estate industry. As we remember the housing crisis in 2008-2010 was forcing hundreds of thousands of Americans out of their homes through foreclosure. The banks, through their greed and the loosing of regulations, were giving unqualified people a chance to own their own homes without the ability to pay. Jeff saw this as an opportunity to help those in need in his area, then his state. I met Jeff in 2010, my first year in real estate. He came to the Dallas Fort Worth area to the office I started in and offered to feed our office Texas foreclosures.

Jeff built that business and sells more than 100 houses a year. His plans are to retire before he is 40 and he is on target for that achievement. Along the way Jeff built a Keller Williams office into one of the most successful in the country. Today he says that time as a Team Leader in KW took him away from the work he does. He opened his own brokerage Aspire Realty Group a couple of years ago and brought with him the top producers from that KW office. Today Jeff is ready to retire, take 30 minutes and listen to his story on today’s podcast.  Foreclosure King in Arkansas V1-E36 Jeff Scherrey Podcast.

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Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor.To be a licensed real estate agent is simple, take the courses, pass the test and voila, you are an agent. Being professional at this career is a wholly different and more rigorous process.  Our guest today on is Mattapoisett, MA Realtor/Broker extraordinaire Kate Lanagan MacGregor of Bold Realty, Inc. Kate is a social media savant. She demonstrates on a daily basis how much she cares.  Starting with her daily posts on RITUALS to Rise (a private Facebook Group dedicated to starting each day with power, focus, strength and love).

Bold bus

Listen to this episode of and find out how to be the best agent you can for your community.  Find out how to be one of the best people you can be with Kate showing the way. Kate has been elected, appointed  and chosen to so many posts in her career. Realtor of the Year is well deserved because of her relentless caring of her community and her profession.  I have been privileged  to sit on the MAR (Massachusetts Association of Realtors) Communications Committee for some time following her as the chairman.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Kate is impressive in many ways, especially for her caring for others, but what is really exciting is to watch her morning videos discussing the ways in which we can act in ways that raises the boat for all. Real Estate is filled with people who are of differing backgrounds, education, experience and skills. There are A students and there are C students and below, Kate is one of the top agents who know what needs to be done, does it with flair and makes the path easier and more direct for others. This show may provide you with an insight you missed. An understanding of how to work, how to be professional is what she demonstrates. I am blessed to call Kate a colleague and a friend she is truly one who is Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor

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Closing Quickly and doing it smoothly

Closing Quickly and doing it smoothly is a matter of following the right steps. It is a process and when you work with people who know the process they can adjust the property and marketing to assure a goal.  Here is a truism. The longer your home sits on the market, the more it drops in value while you’re left in economic insecurity as you lose potential profit from what was once the biggest investment of your lifetime. 

The process dictates the first 30 days are crucial. The ability to show the house when it is requested is part of that.  Even if you have the most desired home, at the right price and you make it hard to get into, you are diminishing your buyers and you will get less for your home. Process.

Basic Repairs, are a must, Expensive Repairs are not.

The new owner is going to come in and make it their own anyway. There is usually no reason for the Seller to make repairs the buyer is intending. Move in homes are more desirable than fixer uppers in today’s market, and some buyers come in ready to make a property their own.

A Paint Job

Always a good bang for buck. Spend some money cleaning and decluttering first, then do the painting to brighten up the place. Think about putting in brighter bulbs in your lighting to make things brighter.



Or Sidewalk appeal is always important. Real buyers don’t come to buy a house, the are also buying  a neighborhood.  Make your front yard and drive by appeal to be as good or better than the neighborhood.

The Right Agent

Having the right people on your team in the right positions is critical to the success for a buyer or seller.  You might need not only a qualified and successful agent, you will also need a good lawyer, and every other service and tradesman needed to bring you to your success. Choose wisely along the way. Put good people who care about your goals in positions to guide you to that end.

Good Timing

You know, every single day people buy and sell homes. Every day people are being born into families and people are getting divorced. People are loosing jobs and people are getting sick there are reasons why the real estate market is ever changing and will continue to be so. Don’t worry about the timing unless your professional knows that a quick move or a slower move will help you. Spring is always the best.

Effective Pricing

Great agents can nail the price the house will be sold for within a very short range. They might not always tell you that. Often agents will agree with you on the price to get you to agree to list with them.  Find yourself an honest agent who will tell you the truth. They will get you the most. 

A Deep Clean

Making sure your home is as clean and smell free as it can be is crucial. Use professional help to detail the home in this manner, you will end up getting more for your home. No one wants to come in and have to clean, that is rentals, not purchases. Get it clean.


Is always a good idea. Price is an issue because Staging can often be 1-3% of the Sale and that is a lot. A good agent working with a good stager will be able to get you a list of their steps and if you can accomplish them and they don’t have to, that is the Seller’s savings.

Online Promotion

Tell a good story, no, tell a great story. Tell the story of the person/family that fits perfectly into this property.  If you tell their story, they will come.  Make your on line promotion real and avoid the usual dull real estate speak.

Professional Photos

This is a visual world, do it right and include video and drone work where you can. If it is pretty show it, if it isn’t make the pictures highlight the highlights

It may take time to get this work done, but once you do, your house won’t stay on the market for long. Then, you’ll really be ready to move on to your new life elsewhere. The fact is the first 30 days are critical. After 3o days and if you haven’t had more than 20 people through and entertained at least one offer it is time to adjust. Consult a professional on how to get the most from this point.

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Grasping at Straws Day 58 Your Million Dollar Years

Grasping at Straws Day 58 Your Million Dollar Years is probably the worst thing you can do if you are starting out in real estate. You don’t want to grab at straws, you want to build a business that produces your living. Starting your career with small goals only gets you small results. Starting your real estate career with goals that are unattainable, or unattainable by you is also foolish. To succeed in the real estate industry you must adhere to a live long pursuit of knowledge. Don’t worry, along the way you will gather a life time of experience. Each experience with each new client is both the same and different.

The buying and selling of a home is straight forward. I, the Seller, have a commodity that you, the Buyer, will want, so let’s get this done is how For Sale By Owners (FSBO) think. To them it is that simple. If only life were as simple as people who don’t know what they don’t know think, wouldn’t that be a great world. Unfortunately the world works a bit differently.

Today I was looking through new listings and a FSBO for a 2 million dollar home had no interior pictures of the house, 6 exterior pictures of the land and house and an ALL CAPS demand that no phone calls only serious people send him an email. Oh, and there was no email attached. This process is broken and the FSBO has no clue. People like this are not impossible to educate and it will take time. Yesterday I had a FSBO tell me yesterday he won’t work with a Buyer’s agent even if the commission is paid by the Buyers.So me with a buyer who will not buy without an agent is being told they can’t see the house. You just can’t make us these stories. Grasping at Straws Day 58 Your Million Dollar Years

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How Many No’s to get to Yes Day 57 Million Dollar Year

How Many No’s to get to Yes Day 57 Million Dollar Year. We all want the “yes” as quickly as possible. What we are doing here is trying to quantify how many times you will hear “no”, on average, to get to that “yes”. Over the years the number of times you are likely to hear “no” until you hear “yes” has grown.The questions you ask along the way determine if you will ever get to “yes”. If the person is still engaged with you as you go from question to question, that is good, but never keep asking the same question.

To get to “yes” you need to ask the right questions. You need to drive as quickly as possible to their core driving emotion. What do they really want? What is their time frame? Where are they going next? What excites them about the process and what do they dred? When you ask the right questions and what I mean by that is asking questions that go to their driving emotion the better off you are. You are closer to “yes” when you ask good questions.

Most recently I heard 9 “no’s” to get to yes is the average. The point is you keep asking questions until you get to “yes” or a definite “no”. Make sure you understand their core driving emotion as you are asking. Why someone wants to do something is integral to what they are most likely to do. When you understand core driving emotion you can provide your insight, intelligence and experience to the conversation to get to “yes”. The person asking the questions is the person controlling the conversation. People want to talk about themselves and in an emotional situation, this is more true. How Many No’s to get to Yes Day 57 Million Dollar Year

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Starting Out Real Estate Day 56 Your Million Dollar Year

Starting Out Real Estate Day 56 Your Million Dollar Year. When you have been an agent for some time you often forget what it is like to be an agent the first week you get your license. It is true that the barrier to entry into this business is small. In MA where I have a license it only takes 40 hours of study and passing the test to get licensed. These newbies are afforded the same credence as an agent who has many years of experience. Why wouldn’t the unlicensed public believe they know as much as some of these people? Going from the moment you get your license it is essential that if you want to be successful you need to keep learning.

Learning in this profession is a daily opportunity.  Experience is often what drives this learning. If you are asked about specifics regarding a property, the paperwork, the legal process, the lending process and you don’t yet know the answer it is imperative you reach out to someone who does. Not just saying what you think, but finding out what is correct is how successful agents work.

The first couple of months of your new career should be spent learning from those around you. Ask questions, have coffee or a meal with people who are doing what you want to do. You will find many successful agents will give you time if you are sincere and focused on what you want to learn. Steer clear of the agents who tell you they are too busy to talk. One of two things is going on here, either they truly don’t have time and will make time later, they will tell you that. Or, they don’t have time because they are overwhelmed themselves and can’t find their own way out of the routines of this business. If you have questions I am happy to help. Starting Out Real Estate Day 56 Your Million Dollar Year