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Hiring the Right Contractor V1 E37 Masters Touch Design-Build.  In this PODCAST Chris Previte of Masters Touch  Design-Build shares with us today the right and wrong way to find, secure and redo your home the right way. Choosing your contractor is the simple matter of knowing what to ask and being focused on finding the right person for your needs. Communications, vision, follow through are big parts. Caring about your needs and having a willingness to focus on those needs is critical. Listen to how one company does it right.

Over the many years I have been in the real estate industry I have been in thousands of houses and hundreds of housing sites being built.  Nothing is the same, all have their unique aspects.  Builders use different materials, different crews, different timing and most of them have recommendations from people who like them. I always want to know about the times things went wrong and how they were fixed.  The biggest issue is always  communications. Since there are so many details in any design-build it is critical there is one place were all information and changes can be reviewed. Masters Touch uses a system that keeps it all in line.

Chris Previte is who you will connect with first. He is the one who comes out to look over the home and give you some ideas on what can be done and for what cost and in what timing. From there it goes back to the shop and put into the system so all can be informed.  Designers, builders, plumbers, electricians etc all see the same files and their work is coordinated through the system. In this manner a lot of the problems can be averted or at least deals with at the time it feels like a problem. Hiring the Right Contractor, Masters Touch Design-Build V1-E37


Kelly Catallo community activist and industry leader PODCAST

Kelly Catallo community activist and industry leader PODCAST. Kelly Catallo is the CEO of Cosmopolitan Realty in Medford MA. She grew up in Medford and has spent her life time being involved in all sorts of community activities and organizations.  Her resume speaks volumes of her passions for helping. In 2016 she won the Good Neighbor Award from both the Massachusetts Association of Realtors and also the Greater Boston Association of Realtors. I was on that award committee that gave her this award and in reading all the worthy candidates from that year Kelly stood out.

Like all successful Realtors® and Broker/Owners Kelly uses her skills to promote herself and her firm as well as she does her community and it’s organizations. You will hear how one of her designations, the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) has only 3% of the licensed people in the country as members. She touts their ongoing education for their designated agents as being the best.  Just a little bit of puffery here. The Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CHLMS) has only 1% of the agents in the country as designated. I am a Gold Member of this group which is even more select. The real point here is that agents who continue to learn and grow are a select group of people and are poised to bring you greater results because of their efforts. Kelly is truly a gift for her community.

In this podcast we discuss a range of real estate subjects and Kelly is had deep knowledge and experience at every level. Her Cosmopolitan Real Estate company is based in Medford and she and her company serve that and the surrounding communities. Kelly makes it her goal to be positive in all aspects of her life, her career and the organizations she serves. We should all be like Kelly in many ways. Kelly Catallo community activist and industry leader PODCAST

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All the right answers before you interview PODCAST Michael Neece

All the right answers before you interview PODCAST Michael Neece. Last week’s podcast on was a great one for anyone who is in front of people who hire. Whether you are a job candidate, or self employed in the real estate business making presentations all the time Interview Mastery provides you the on line tools to be a success.  It turns out that success does leave clues and Michael Neece CEO and Founder of Interview Mastery has done the work for us.

As one of the top Tech HR people in business Michael spent a good portion of his career doing interviews with thousands of people at all the top firms in the world. He is a nerd and a tech guy so he became interested in the top few percent of people who got offers at their first interview. For Michael it was an interesting subject to study. Interview Mastery is an outgrowth of those years of study.  Success, it turns out, is reproducible for anyone who follows the formula. First step is to never arrive without knowledge and questions. Those who come prepared, knowing about the company, the job they are applying for and questions about how, when that job is filled with the right person, that person will be successful for the company.

Turns out that is the key. What is memorable is how it is described. When you go for an interview you are always armed with your own skills and talents.  The key to interview mastery is you know to never take your skills and talents arrows out of your quiver until the company/hiring people show you their bullseye. Never go into an interview thinking all about yourself, no one cares. Always be thinking of how you match up with their needs and make sure you know those needs before you begin to show your skills and talents as part of the solution to those needs. In this show you will find All the right answers before you interview PODCAST Michael Neece

Archive Blog Boston Buyer Featured For Agents For Buyers For Sellers Larry Lawfer MA Realtor® Seller Premier Show home page Premier Show centers around the real world of real estate. We say we “tell it like it is” and we all know that always means we tell it like we see it.  The quickly moving landscape of residential real estate  is being flooded with new technology, new offers, quicker, faster, better as their marketing states unequivocally.  But is this the truth or is this “puffery”.  In our first show we invited a seasoned broker from Manhattan who joined Redfin this year to talk about the benefits as he sees them.

Broker-talk show image

Redfin touts their caring for the consumer and say, without blushing, their system is set up to serve the consumer.  As a professional I have to ask the question, really? Redfin real estate is much like Uber real estate.  When the consumer is ready then can request a showing.  The Redfin system routes that call to a regional call center where the “next agent up” is assigned the showing.  This agent shows up at the showing knowing nothing about the Buyer/consumer. This agent gets paid to be there.  This agent has little motivation to create or develop a deeper understanding of the needs and wants. Redfin feels the consumer best knows what they want so why bog the process down with a professional sharing insights and information about the house, neighborhood, process ways to be successful.  Redfin has an app for all that and so the agent is just the driver/shower and they get paid to do it.

Agent or go it alone

As our guest (name withheld to protect his gig), shares that he traded steady income for the bigger pay day.  Effectively this will produce agents with licenses with no practice working with an individual from beginning to end.  The process of buying a home has so many twists and turns that are not evident to the non professional. These twists can bite you later if you are not aware of them and take steps to protect yourself. will post weekly with subjects that are of interest to both professionals and consumers.  Our promise to “tell it like it is” goes to bringing in experts to discuss topics we, the hosts, do not have as deep an understanding. We hope you enjoy our show and will subscribe to the feed, it is available in all the formats you use. Premier Show