Real Estate Best Practices PODCAST with Ilya Cobi

Real Estate Best Practices PODCAST with Ilya Cobi From William Raveis, The Cobi RE Team in Brookline, MA. In this podcast Ilya, Larry and Jim talk about the characteristics of the best agents and their practices. Not all agents are created equal, there are A students and C students and it is not hard to tell them apart. The best agents use the best practices and technology. In today’s world where we no longer have free access to properties during this pandemic it is even more important than ever you work with people who know the process completely and can keep you informed and prepared to make the decisions on the property along the way.

Real estate agents are everywhere. Everyone has a friend, a relative, a significant other, a friend of a friend or that annoying guy you met at Starbucks, real estate agents are everywhere. OLD CAR is an acronym in real estate on what your agent owes you, Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Accountability and Reasonable Care/Diligence and this needs more clarification. The internet tools, the ways to communicate across an array of tools is important for protecting your information in a safe and timely way. Knowing the correct ways to market the property to the buyers and helping them adjust to the process during Covid-19.

I am intrigued with the “excellent educator” characteristic appears in the 7 habits of the highly effective agents. People know so much about real estate and what they don’t know they can look up, but someone who studies the variations on the facts is far better to handle and educate you on what you are to expect and the best ways to stay focused on what you want and need. People need and deserve a professional skilled in the process and steeped in the technology. This podcast is a conversation and this topic. Real Estate Best Practices PODCAST with Ilya Cobi

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Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor.To be a licensed real estate agent is simple, take the courses, pass the test and voila, you are an agent. Being professional at this career is a wholly different and more rigorous process.  Our guest today on is Mattapoisett, MA Realtor/Broker extraordinaire Kate Lanagan MacGregor of Bold Realty, Inc. Kate is a social media savant. She demonstrates on a daily basis how much she cares.  Starting with her daily posts on RITUALS to Rise (a private Facebook Group dedicated to starting each day with power, focus, strength and love).

Bold bus

Listen to this episode of and find out how to be the best agent you can for your community.  Find out how to be one of the best people you can be with Kate showing the way. Kate has been elected, appointed  and chosen to so many posts in her career. Realtor of the Year is well deserved because of her relentless caring of her community and her profession.  I have been privileged  to sit on the MAR (Massachusetts Association of Realtors) Communications Committee for some time following her as the chairman.

Kate Lanagan MacGregor

Kate is impressive in many ways, especially for her caring for others, but what is really exciting is to watch her morning videos discussing the ways in which we can act in ways that raises the boat for all. Real Estate is filled with people who are of differing backgrounds, education, experience and skills. There are A students and there are C students and below, Kate is one of the top agents who know what needs to be done, does it with flair and makes the path easier and more direct for others. This show may provide you with an insight you missed. An understanding of how to work, how to be professional is what she demonstrates. I am blessed to call Kate a colleague and a friend she is truly one who is Raising the boat for all Broker-Talk with Kate Lanagan MacGregor

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Closing Quickly and doing it smoothly

Closing Quickly and doing it smoothly is a matter of following the right steps. It is a process and when you work with people who know the process they can adjust the property and marketing to assure a goal.  Here is a truism. The longer your home sits on the market, the more it drops in value while you’re left in economic insecurity as you lose potential profit from what was once the biggest investment of your lifetime. 

The process dictates the first 30 days are crucial. The ability to show the house when it is requested is part of that.  Even if you have the most desired home, at the right price and you make it hard to get into, you are diminishing your buyers and you will get less for your home. Process.

Basic Repairs, are a must, Expensive Repairs are not.

The new owner is going to come in and make it their own anyway. There is usually no reason for the Seller to make repairs the buyer is intending. Move in homes are more desirable than fixer uppers in today’s market, and some buyers come in ready to make a property their own.

A Paint Job

Always a good bang for buck. Spend some money cleaning and decluttering first, then do the painting to brighten up the place. Think about putting in brighter bulbs in your lighting to make things brighter.



Or Sidewalk appeal is always important. Real buyers don’t come to buy a house, the are also buying  a neighborhood.  Make your front yard and drive by appeal to be as good or better than the neighborhood.

The Right Agent

Having the right people on your team in the right positions is critical to the success for a buyer or seller.  You might need not only a qualified and successful agent, you will also need a good lawyer, and every other service and tradesman needed to bring you to your success. Choose wisely along the way. Put good people who care about your goals in positions to guide you to that end.

Good Timing

You know, every single day people buy and sell homes. Every day people are being born into families and people are getting divorced. People are loosing jobs and people are getting sick there are reasons why the real estate market is ever changing and will continue to be so. Don’t worry about the timing unless your professional knows that a quick move or a slower move will help you. Spring is always the best.

Effective Pricing

Great agents can nail the price the house will be sold for within a very short range. They might not always tell you that. Often agents will agree with you on the price to get you to agree to list with them.  Find yourself an honest agent who will tell you the truth. They will get you the most. 

A Deep Clean

Making sure your home is as clean and smell free as it can be is crucial. Use professional help to detail the home in this manner, you will end up getting more for your home. No one wants to come in and have to clean, that is rentals, not purchases. Get it clean.


Is always a good idea. Price is an issue because Staging can often be 1-3% of the Sale and that is a lot. A good agent working with a good stager will be able to get you a list of their steps and if you can accomplish them and they don’t have to, that is the Seller’s savings.

Online Promotion

Tell a good story, no, tell a great story. Tell the story of the person/family that fits perfectly into this property.  If you tell their story, they will come.  Make your on line promotion real and avoid the usual dull real estate speak.

Professional Photos

This is a visual world, do it right and include video and drone work where you can. If it is pretty show it, if it isn’t make the pictures highlight the highlights

It may take time to get this work done, but once you do, your house won’t stay on the market for long. Then, you’ll really be ready to move on to your new life elsewhere. The fact is the first 30 days are critical. After 3o days and if you haven’t had more than 20 people through and entertained at least one offer it is time to adjust. Consult a professional on how to get the most from this point.

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Recruiting the Second Job Day 62 Your Million Dollar Year

Recruiting the Second Job Day 62 Your Million Dollar Year. Starting out a career in real estate you don’t know what you don’t know. The path to becoming a successful agent goes through phases of learning, experience and growing. It was enough to be a great agent when I started, now the pressure is on to be a great recruiter. I spent over 6 years in the Keller Williams system and there wasn’t a week that went by when you weren’t asked if you were building your down line. This realization, at that point for me, and even more so now is your recruiting is also building your franchise bottom line today ahead of your attaining any cash from the recruitment.

This week I got a text from a growing regional brand. It came in anonymously other than the phone number although the owner’s name was attached.  When I got into the office I spoke with my partner who told me he had gotten a recruiting text as well. We compared and it is the exact same text. I guess recruiting new agents to your franchise is the same as sending out postcards to a neighborhood. Fish where the fish are is the approach.  I don’t like this, I think you fish for those you know and know will be a good fit for your agency. Different strokes it is and that is what is great about this business.

As you grow as a professional agent you begin to realize you want to be in an office and atmosphere that helps build you as a person and professional, not just build a franchise bottom line. They all say the coach, they all have webinars, seminars and offer coaching for a price. Look for an agency with agents who are proof of their promises. Don’t just talk to the recruiter ask them for names of agents who are succeeding and then talk to them. Recruiting is less about your bottom line than you think, it is always about building the agency who benefits first. If I call you it is because I know you and your production and know you will be a better fit for our agency. I do not just randomly send out the same request to 30 people at a time.  Throwing shit on a wall and hoping some sticks just leaves you with a shitty wall I feel. Recruiting the Second Job Day 62 Your Million Dollar Year

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On The Road Again Day 60 Your Million Dollar Year

On The Road Again Day 60 Your Million Dollar Year. In the real estate business and with your real estate career you will find, if you stick with it, that your life can be changed in a heartbeat. Your life can go from horrible to wonderful in a phone call, it can go the opposite way as well. The more deals you have in your pipeline the more you will feel both the elation and comfort in know you life does not depend on a single deal. You real estate career is determined by what you have in your pipeline.


Not having your life determined by a single deal no matter what happens is the rarefied air of a successful real estate career. When you have enough in your pipeline you are back on the road in moments when something crashes. The best antidote to desperation is getting your pipeline filled. This is what I mean by being “on the road again”. When you wake up every day knowing that you have to get on the road of prospecting, which is the road, you will gather listings and deals. It is about the action of being on the road.

In the up and down world of living in a career that is predicated on you taking actions on a daily basis you both own your life and your life is controlled by the actions you take or do not take. Taking action on a daily basis, the right actions (more on that later) the more likely you have a life worth living and a business worth building to parrot some of my Keller training. Is the other part of that triangle statement is a business worth building? Building your business is about controlling your daily activities and making sure you are On The Road Again Day 60 Your Million Dollar Year

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Hiccups and Bumps Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year

Hiccups and Bumps Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year. So the 90 day start hit a hiccup on the 15th. Being overwhelmed in this business is pretty common, getting over it and getting back on track is not so common.  When you don’t achieve a goal you set for yourself, what do you say to yourself? What is your next action or inaction? Stop worrying about little failures and focus on your long range goals. For me this last week has been exactly that. I was overwhelmed with all the new goals. I am enthused and overwhelmed all at the same time.

So I pick this up again. What I mean is that I want to share what life is like for an agent on a daily basis. Now that I am partnering in a new agency and my goals have shifted from not only being the best agent, but also in helping others be their best agent I am burning candles at both ends.  Getting priorities straight demanded that I step away from the recording on my life to focus on the implementation of the life. I am back now, there is still a long way to go.

One realization for me was daily habits. I realized that by doing the same thing every day would give me new habits. It is said, or it was said, it takes 66 days to make a habit and then it was changed to 90 days. For me the consistency of my acts doesn’t bring me habits but it does shape my day.  Knowing I need to make calls, see houses, talk to buyers and sellers is part of it. Knowing that sharing what it is like is probably going to help someone else is my bonus for making sure I do all these things. Don’t sweat the hiccups and bumps focus on your end goals. Be safe out there my reading friends. Hiccups and Bumps Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year