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It is easy with easy steps and you can win today

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It is easy, do the right things. It is easy, write down what you need to do. It is easy, fake it ’til you make it. It is easy, believe in yourself. It is easy eat well, sleep well, stay focused, that’s all. It is easy.

Or is it?

There is nothing easy about commitment. There is nothing easy about discipline. There is nothing easy about, faking it. There is nothing easy about, There is nothing easy about,taking care of yourself and getting things done .

Or is there?

Easy is a muscle, you have to build it.  Easy is a mindset, you have to let go. Easy is today when you get things done.

It is easy with easy steps and you can win today.  

Bits and Pieces from this time of pandemic, Covid-19. The plague, the dark ages the time creating butt marks in our sofa’s and couches. If this gets us at least those other things that we thought would get us, won’t. We got that going for us. Gallows humor is a better past time then blame and finger pointing. If your church is open this Easter remember God is everywhere but science tells us not to congregate. Pray alone, your God will hear you. What I know deep in my heart is, this is serious and there are serious people working on it. As I am kind of a glass half full guy I feel optimistic. Don’t hate me for that, I am also an early riser, and I am quiet.

Real estate market has not ground to a halt. In my state the Governor and Mayor are working to clear the red tape with accepting e-signatures and virtual closings. The fire certification inspection can be done as long as 90 days after the closing, so you can close without that form. The Open House as it was in the olden days is no more. Virtual opens and private showings are now the norm. Technology become even more important as a skill the Seller/Agent must have.

It is easy with easy steps and you can win today.



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Recruiting the Second Job Day 62 Your Million Dollar Year

Recruiting the Second Job Day 62 Your Million Dollar Year. Starting out a career in real estate you don’t know what you don’t know. The path to becoming a successful agent goes through phases of learning, experience and growing. It was enough to be a great agent when I started, now the pressure is on to be a great recruiter. I spent over 6 years in the Keller Williams system and there wasn’t a week that went by when you weren’t asked if you were building your down line. This realization, at that point for me, and even more so now is your recruiting is also building your franchise bottom line today ahead of your attaining any cash from the recruitment.

This week I got a text from a growing regional brand. It came in anonymously other than the phone number although the owner’s name was attached.  When I got into the office I spoke with my partner who told me he had gotten a recruiting text as well. We compared and it is the exact same text. I guess recruiting new agents to your franchise is the same as sending out postcards to a neighborhood. Fish where the fish are is the approach.  I don’t like this, I think you fish for those you know and know will be a good fit for your agency. Different strokes it is and that is what is great about this business.

As you grow as a professional agent you begin to realize you want to be in an office and atmosphere that helps build you as a person and professional, not just build a franchise bottom line. They all say the coach, they all have webinars, seminars and offer coaching for a price. Look for an agency with agents who are proof of their promises. Don’t just talk to the recruiter ask them for names of agents who are succeeding and then talk to them. Recruiting is less about your bottom line than you think, it is always about building the agency who benefits first. If I call you it is because I know you and your production and know you will be a better fit for our agency. I do not just randomly send out the same request to 30 people at a time.  Throwing shit on a wall and hoping some sticks just leaves you with a shitty wall I feel. Recruiting the Second Job Day 62 Your Million Dollar Year

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Hows the Market Day 61 Your Million Dollar Year

Hows the Market Day 61 Your Million Dollar Year. This is a question any real estate professional should be able to answer in detail when asked, and you will be asked. National trends in lending, inventory, prices, days on market (DOM) and other stats should be followed and understood by the professional. Here in the Boston area we often lead the market in prices. For instance Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently shared that nationally although fewer house have been sold this year than last the interest rates remain low, DOM is going down as well while inventory of available housing is going up. The average house nationally costs $267,300 which is up from last year.

Here in the Northeast the average house costs $277,700 up from the year before as well. In my town of Newton the average price for a home in April of 2019 $1,580,598. There were 42 completed sales in April with the lowest price being $627,000, so these stats we read from a national perspective do have to be understood from your own town. Be informed, be open, be honest and be helpful. It is not about the commission, it is about the relationships.

To be liked and trusted which are the key components of any relationship you need to be informed and open. If all it is for you is about the commission your prospects and your clients will smell that quickly and you will be pushed away. Don’t be that greedy agent you have the opportunity to serve your community and its neighbors and all you have to do is your job. The new Virtual Agency models like an eXp does not have offices where younger agents can get wisdom and understanding. For that reason agents will be more isolated. Real estate is a full contact business and it is important that, on a daily basis, you are talking to people. Hows the Market Day 61 Your Million Dollar Year

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On The Road Again Day 60 Your Million Dollar Year

On The Road Again Day 60 Your Million Dollar Year. In the real estate business and with your real estate career you will find, if you stick with it, that your life can be changed in a heartbeat. Your life can go from horrible to wonderful in a phone call, it can go the opposite way as well. The more deals you have in your pipeline the more you will feel both the elation and comfort in know you life does not depend on a single deal. You real estate career is determined by what you have in your pipeline.


Not having your life determined by a single deal no matter what happens is the rarefied air of a successful real estate career. When you have enough in your pipeline you are back on the road in moments when something crashes. The best antidote to desperation is getting your pipeline filled. This is what I mean by being “on the road again”. When you wake up every day knowing that you have to get on the road of prospecting, which is the road, you will gather listings and deals. It is about the action of being on the road.

In the up and down world of living in a career that is predicated on you taking actions on a daily basis you both own your life and your life is controlled by the actions you take or do not take. Taking action on a daily basis, the right actions (more on that later) the more likely you have a life worth living and a business worth building to parrot some of my Keller training. Is the other part of that triangle statement is a business worth building? Building your business is about controlling your daily activities and making sure you are On The Road Again Day 60 Your Million Dollar Year

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Hiccups and Bumps Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year

Hiccups and Bumps Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year. So the 90 day start hit a hiccup on the 15th. Being overwhelmed in this business is pretty common, getting over it and getting back on track is not so common.  When you don’t achieve a goal you set for yourself, what do you say to yourself? What is your next action or inaction? Stop worrying about little failures and focus on your long range goals. For me this last week has been exactly that. I was overwhelmed with all the new goals. I am enthused and overwhelmed all at the same time.

So I pick this up again. What I mean is that I want to share what life is like for an agent on a daily basis. Now that I am partnering in a new agency and my goals have shifted from not only being the best agent, but also in helping others be their best agent I am burning candles at both ends.  Getting priorities straight demanded that I step away from the recording on my life to focus on the implementation of the life. I am back now, there is still a long way to go.

One realization for me was daily habits. I realized that by doing the same thing every day would give me new habits. It is said, or it was said, it takes 66 days to make a habit and then it was changed to 90 days. For me the consistency of my acts doesn’t bring me habits but it does shape my day.  Knowing I need to make calls, see houses, talk to buyers and sellers is part of it. Knowing that sharing what it is like is probably going to help someone else is my bonus for making sure I do all these things. Don’t sweat the hiccups and bumps focus on your end goals. Be safe out there my reading friends. Hiccups and Bumps Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year

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Awkward Conversations Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year

Awkward Conversations Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year. I heard one national speaker say that successful people have more awkward conversations in a day than unsuccessful people. This reminds me that successful people fail more than unsuccessful people following the same pattern. The more you practice at getting better and staying in control and focused on your end goal the better. It all makes sense. In our daily days of measurement and analysis of our real estate careers this could be one avenue to pursue in a day to keep it fresh.

The grind of real estate is like a baseball season. It is an interminable daily grind through hot situations and performances built on action. Awkward conversations is an action. Examples of awkward conversations during prospecting are ways to get in the door and meet the seller to have a conversation. The Seller will put up all kinds of personal road blocks to keep you away. You are an agent to them and not yet a person. You need to stay in that awkward conversation by asking more questions until you find a way to become a person of value to them. Once you get to that point you should get in the door.

While you finish that first encounter on the phone just starting to turn good, you got in the door, you don’t need to waste any more time. Your goal for that awkward conversation is to get in the door.  At that point you prepare for more awkwardness when you get in. Creating trust and likability is that goal and that will be based on what value you bring to them when you arrive. To get to what they want be prepared broadly and be ready for that awkward question you can’t answer. It is in that moment you can cross the threshold. Answer honestly with authority and be prepared to deliver future value with an answer you will get for them. Have fun, you are in charge when you are prepared knowing where you want to go. Awkward Conversations Day 59 Your Million Dollar Year