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It is easy with easy steps and you can win today

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It is easy, do the right things. It is easy, write down what you need to do. It is easy, fake it ’til you make it. It is easy, believe in yourself. It is easy eat well, sleep well, stay focused, that’s all. It is easy.

Or is it?

There is nothing easy about commitment. There is nothing easy about discipline. There is nothing easy about, faking it. There is nothing easy about, There is nothing easy about,taking care of yourself and getting things done .

Or is there?

Easy is a muscle, you have to build it.  Easy is a mindset, you have to let go. Easy is today when you get things done.

It is easy with easy steps and you can win today.  

Bits and Pieces from this time of pandemic, Covid-19. The plague, the dark ages the time creating butt marks in our sofa’s and couches. If this gets us at least those other things that we thought would get us, won’t. We got that going for us. Gallows humor is a better past time then blame and finger pointing. If your church is open this Easter remember God is everywhere but science tells us not to congregate. Pray alone, your God will hear you. What I know deep in my heart is, this is serious and there are serious people working on it. As I am kind of a glass half full guy I feel optimistic. Don’t hate me for that, I am also an early riser, and I am quiet.

Real estate market has not ground to a halt. In my state the Governor and Mayor are working to clear the red tape with accepting e-signatures and virtual closings. The fire certification inspection can be done as long as 90 days after the closing, so you can close without that form. The Open House as it was in the olden days is no more. Virtual opens and private showings are now the norm. Technology become even more important as a skill the Seller/Agent must have.

It is easy with easy steps and you can win today.



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Day 4 of 90; Becoming the best Realtor®

215 Longmeadow Rd – Unit 504, Taunton, MA 02780

Day 4 of 90; Becoming the best Realtor® So yesterday was instructive in many ways.  I have been meditating and quieting my mind. I have been reading and watching videos about best practices and how various guru’s in real estate and in business succeed.  I know mind set is critical. I know being positive and doing the work is a consistent and constant opportunity.  I was not ready for what the universe gave me yesterday.

I had been waiting since Monday for a return email from one of the coaches I was interviewing.  Just like in real estate when you are doing a deal with someone and they go radio silent, it is never a good thing.  My mid day I decided on the coach who had been in constant contact with me, providing things to read, watch and experience as well as answering my emailed questions. I pulled the trigger at noon.  I am lucky to have joined Bill Crespo in his program.

25 Columbian Woods, Weymouth, MA 02190

Less than an hour later I got a call from Bryant. Bryant was a person I met in my first week in real estate back in 2010.  I was doing “uptime calls” at the agency where I started. Bryant was trying to reach an agent and the agent was unresponsive for several days.  I told him I could help.  Bryant was going to marry and his fiance had a condo they were going to rent if they could find a house.  I found and closed on their house and have rented that condo the several times they needed it since then.  Bryant was calling me to now list that condo to sell, then list the house they bought to sell and combine those funds and buy a bigger house for his growing family.  3 deals came to me less than an hour after pulling the trigger on coaching.  (By the way, I had been successful in two other careers and thought I didn’t need a coach.)

Boston Area Luxury Homes

Later yesterday I got a call from a new agent I have been helping and he was asking me to co-broke with him with a buyer and a different seller. We start that work today.  So the day I decide to move forward I have 5 deals drop in my lap, the universe is a wonderful place. Stay focused on what you want and don’t be slowed by the actions of others and you will arrive at Day 4 of 90; Becoming the best Realtor®