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Slowly and Cautiously Success Achieved

Slowly and Cautiously Success Achieved case study. In rare instances success comes easy, for the rest of us the road is more rugged. The buying and selling of property is a process no matter where you are, or what the price. The buying and/or selling of a property is a process.  There is security in knowing the process steps and being opened to adjust it to fit your needs and wants along the way. That is a power some possess.

Slowly and Cautiously Success Achieved is what every buyers agent is telling their buyers. Three weeks ago the prices were $100,000 over list price. insane. Let’s watch how those appraisals turn out in this next cycle and see how that affects our Boston area market. The Buyers market is tough sledding right now.

Have your pre-approval, be ready, be focused, put the time in because buying your home, the one you will own is important and you should do it right. There is a right way and there are many other ways to get it done just not to the same advantage. There really are levels of competence that separate some from the others.

The market is changing, reality will return and most likely before the interest rates begin to go back up as they must. I, personally, don’t think that is this year, but this is still the first quarter and we


still have the pandemic. Sometime this year there will be some resolution on some of these issues. Consumer Confidence is described by those who survived as, “I’m still here.”

Slowly and Cautiously Success Achieved is acceptable and should be celebrated, don’t you think? Every stumble lurches you forward, sometime to land on your face. That is still progress. It is slow but it is relentlessly moving towards the best outcome for you.

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Broker-Talk with Rene Ahmad REMAX Canada From Zero to Hero V1 E42

Broker-Talk with Rene Ahmad REMAX Canada; From Zero to Hero V1 E42. Mindset, skills and activity are the 3 key components for success in real estate. First is mindset requiring changing your scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.  Activity build confidence, skills are honed with repetition. This 30 minute show gives you the outline and offers you some paths to choose. Learn about Mindset, Skills and Activities that are the building blocks.

Rene had a lot of pressure on him when we met in 2005-2006. He wasn’t waking in the morning before noon. The first step to his current success was built on the building blocks of confident action. Any small step that he took and in the beginning it was learning to wake an hour earlier in the day to where he was able to work in the mornings. 

Now he is up by 5AM and taking care of his mindset by exercising, journaling, being part of a mastermind group, reading and study. The steps to success are simple, it is the action where most people fall down. The beauty of Rene and the way he built his success is by tiny successes. He just wanted to be a little bit better than the day before at the beginning.

Today is another story. Rene has a team that completes 70 transactions a year and growing. He never goes to sleep now without having made something happen during the day. That determination was built from one day to the next until it began to feed on itself. All studies on successful people discuss similar paths they all feel are their own unique arcs, and they are. What works is by applying on a daily basis your right mindset, the proper skills and a whole lot of activity.  The way to success is getting more done and that starts with the little habits being build one block at a time.

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Day 9 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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Day 9 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018. Today I get started with my coach.  I did finally hear from the first coach I contacted who has been incommunicado for 8 days while the coach I chose has been actively and consistently sharing information and opportunity.  How is this not like our real estate game.  He hire the people who have the most passion and desire to help us as individuals. It is never the reputation of the fact we are friends.  When I see agents complain that their friend has chosen another to represent them I know that that agent friend did not do enough to convince the Seller/Buyer that their friendship was the reason to hire you for the job.

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Real estate best practices are written down and discussed daily. Any question any agent might have can find multiple answers with a single query, so why are people not more successful  I know for me it is because I am or was all over the map every day.  LIke some dog in the yard any squirrel would get my attention until the next squirrel showed up, I was not focused on tasks at hand.   Knowing what you are going to do today and every day is not a handicap, it is a power that frees you. 

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I am nervous about today and there are pangs of “what have I done?”  I know these to be just jitters and not real fears.  In fact, quite the opposite, I am at the point that I want to have someone who is paid to help me to the next level tell me what I am doing right and wrong in terms of successful real estate practices.  At the end of these 90 days will be a loving and listing professional who is just now at Day 9 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018