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Your Million Dollar Year Day 31 Resiliency

84% of Americans Believe Buying a Home is a Good Financial Decision

Your Million Dollar Year Day 31 Resiliency is a chief component of any successful life. It is not a matter of if something bad, or unfavorable will happen, it is a matter of when. When that moment hits you have several choices as you do every moment of your live.  You can grow or die. You can learn or wallow. You can complain or strategize. You can win in this loss or you won’t. My hot water heater broke, my car died and I lost out on a sizable commission I truly need and want and worked for, and this was just yesterday.  This is a lot of body blows in one day.  I have to say I feel horrible about myself and my predicament.

One thing I learned a long time ago is to pay attention to the questions you ask. For instance, What can I do right now to learn and grow from this is? This is so much stronger a question that many ask, Why Me?  Hey, why not you? Even that is a better question.  The thing is your brain is hard wired to think about what you ask.When you ask a better question you get a better result. Ask better questions.

It is horrible to feel badly about yourself, it is also human. When you deny your emotions, swallow them or compartmentalize them they will be there lurking to take you by surprise again and again.  Better to just take care of it in the moment just like you do time and again for a client who needs your immediate attention and action. Don’t hesitate, use Mel Robbins, 5 Second Rule if you need help getting started. Drink water, go for a walk, do something both physical and mental not related at all to the recent event. That allows you to re-arrive at your disaster with a fresher outlook.  It often ain’t pretty, but it is life. Enjoy Your Million Dollar Year Day 31 Resiliency