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Italian Real Estate Agent Shares Covid-19 Impact

March 19, 2020 Italian Real Estate Agent Marco Tirelli Shares Covid-19 Impact V1-E40. Italy has more deaths and may have had the first cases of the virus before China. Travel from your sheltered locations is prohibited. There are no real estate transactions happening right now. The government is doing their best, the hospitals are overwhelmed. Here in the US we are in our first week of this pandemic. You can visit Tirelli Properties here

They have been locked down for a month. Marco has the feeling that life has no guarantees and so he is not personally worried.  That said, he is focusing on maintaining  his relationships with his agents and his clients and prospects.  They are not able to show property. While they are using  video to show property it is his believe, one I share, that it is very hard to sell a home without the Buyer going through the home. Technology is part of the Terilli Properties organization and has been so since the beginning of the internet. The people of Italy have their minds somewhere else at this time. Everything is closed, right now. He is calling it August, which in all of Europe the vacation month where most business are closed.

They have no forecast on when this lockdown will be over but they are getting by. Each person is sheltered in their homes and only able to go out for emergency purposes.  Food shopping is one of those “emergencies”. Italians love real estate, states Marco and his company has luxury properties all over Europe. Marco starts off the show sharing his focus which is not just getting a commission. Marco believes, “We dream of a fair, clean and humane world. We believe in people and solidarity-based collaboration. Every day we aim to create and inspire our community to adopt a socially responsible and sustainable business model.” Italian Real Estate Agent Shares Covid-19 Impact

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Running Out of Toilet Paper and Loosing my Mind

Running Out of Toilet Paper and Loosing my Mind is a perfect description of this historic day. CoronaVirus, Covid-19 is on the upswing, the Fed just cut it’s rate to zero and there are actually agents out there who don’t know the relationship with the Fed Rate and the Interest Rates banks charge for mortgage loans.  The running out of toilet paper is this moments true craziness. For some reason people are hoarding toilet paper and the thoughts that come to mind for why are just too horrifying to consider without disinfectant.

There are still lots of buyers who are looking for homes and not near enough homes on the market to satisfy the need. On the other side of that is price, with scarcity comes increased prices, but with the threat of life altering pandemic the desire to get out makes the price negotiable.

With Stock markets in jittery free fall and the bond market being artificially propped up with federal dollars it just may be the time to put your money into real estate. While we can not predict what will happen we can look to past performance (which is not a prediction of future performance) I am just saying that it might be a very good

I didn’t know that!

time to buy good properties and get a great interest rate. It is possible the stock market will rebound after the global pandemic crisis runs it’s course. Buying real estate, choosing a longer range investment strategy is worth considering.


There has never been a time in history when working with a professional who understands the market and the process is more important for the best bottom line in real estate. Trusting to a person without experience and inside knowledge is sure to bring a diminished return. Running Out of Toilet Paper and Loosing my Mind


Your Million Dollar Year Day 25 top 10 issues affecting real estate


Your Million Dollar Year Day 25 top 10 issues affecting real estate as stated by the Councilors of Real Estate® for 2018-2019. All of these issues are national and they affect the individual communities in differing ways. You will not be surprised to see interest rates, taxes and construction costs coming from a real estate publication. Before now there were really two demographics the industry paid attention to, the first time home buyers and the rest of the groups. The first time home buyers were younger and the rest are older. Now the industry is segmented into four groups and it makes so much more sense.  You still do have the first time home buyer and now you have the second property home/condo buyer.  The move up is in age and price point and size of home. The next group has larger homes, more area and families still with them.  The final group is the oldest who’s families have moved and they no longer need the larger homes.  It is a cycle.

  1. Interest Rates & The Economy
  2. Politics & Political Uncertainty
  3. Housing Affordability
  4. Generational Change/Demographics
  5. E-commerce & Logistics
  1. Infrastructure
  2. Disruptive Technology
  3. Natural Disasters & Climate Change
  4. Immigration
  5. Energy & Water

The real estate industry is being disrupted by technological innovation which, in turn, is changing the way consumers look for service and information. Discount agencies taking less commission for reduced services like Redfin, Zillow and others making inroads with ill informed consumers.  The process of selling a home, or buying a home for that matter, is complicated with many legal and building issues. Your discount broker is ill equipped with experience or specific knowledge to help in the way a professional Realtor® is trained. Other virtual companies are buying their seat at the table with Agents through lower fees and charges.  Agencies like eXp and Compass are using VC money to highlight and showcase their benefits.  Bricks and Mortar are giving way to virtual offices. Your Million Dollar Year Day 25 top 10 issues affecting real estate