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Broker-Talk with Chris Brogan StoryLeader 3 Words for 2020

Broker-Talk with Chris Brogan StoryLeader 3 Words for 2020. Chris Brogan is a nerd, I love nerds. Chris was focused on growth and learning when I met him in 2005. He worked for a telecom in some tech type job and he was tired of going to the same old conferences where you sit in an audience with a set schedule of topics that were not always valuable. Along with Christopher Penn, Chris Brogan created the PodCamp movement.  That pulled me in.  With technology and social media growing in importance I saw the value in knowing and understanding it more. PodCamp offered the attendees an opportunity to shape the future.

Chris-Brogan-Story-Leader is an outgrowth of those early days and I am thrilled to have another opportunity to connect with Chris and listen to what he is currently working on.  His Three Words trended on LinkedIn all weekend. We spoke about ours on the show and Chris gave us his new word created for 2020, Structurequence.  My three words were Fearless, Action, Results. In the show Jim revealed his three words as well. Chris spoke about which of his 9 going on 10 books was his favorite and why. He refused to reveal his favorite writers having so many friends producing books these days. Chris is genuinely a nice guy who cares about value for his clients.

StoryLeader System is Chris’s 2020 offer. “What’s changed in the last five years? Fast isn’t fast enough. Customers want instant, not soon. This requires a lot more coordination throughout your organization,” Chris writes in this post. He breaks down the steps and he suggests you can pass on leadership DNA through a series of repeatable steps freeing up the Executive to take on other opportunities. Thanks Chris for being on the show and sharing your insights. 

Broker-Talk with Chris Brogan StoryLeader 3 Words for 2020


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Fall Special School Westwood house for sale, Westwood Public Schools

Fall Special School Westwood house for sale, Westwood Public Schools is a list of SEO words to attract your eyeballs about these subjects.

US News and World Report rates schools systems across the country. It is considered a norm knowing rating things the norm is based on the criteria they are using.  U.S. News Best High Schools Rankings, Each of the 22,000 schools through all 50 states are measured with a specific criteria.  A criteria like how many graduate, how do their test scores rank, not taking into consideration things like academic support for students, programs for children with special needs.  {off the soapbox} Westwood ranks well up the scale.

Nineteenth best school in all of Massachusetts says a lot, being in the top 20 best public schools in the state is no small accomplishment. Especially when you consider that MA ranks the highest number of top schools in the country versus all other states.  In the country Westwood Public Schools rank in the top 500, Fortune 500 for those lucky students.  Westwood ranked


Fall Special School Westwood house for sale, Westwood Public Schools

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Cash Flow a real estate story

Cash flow, a real estate story from the beginning. She had just gotten her license in Massachusetts to sell real estate. She was at the stage where she didn’t know what she didn’t know and she was filled with hope and energy and some strategies. She had recently bought into one of the systems of real estate that promised success, instant success the system’s creator promised. Later in her career she would understand that all real estate systems make promises.  Most systems can create success if you follow them in the manner they are proposed.  All of us realize that is not the way it really works.

She had secured an expired listing in a high end town near a million dollars using the system for Expired Listings she had finagled.  The simple house was on the lake, it had gleaming wood floors and a fantastic porch.  The owner was John and he liked Laurie.  Laurie had sent John a letter and then she called  to follow up, they set an appointment to see the property.  Her manner was warm and not pushy, John liked that. The last agent, John complained, “did nothing, she was a no-it-all”. Laurie listened.

Laurie suggested to John that the talk to a stager about preparing the house for sale. John didn’t want to spend money if it wasn’t going to pay off for him.  “The cost of the staging is always less than the cost of the first price break because they house doesn’t show well and get offers in the first thirty days.” Laurie shared.  She had learned this from the stager, Ben.  Ben was standing on the kitchen countertops with his back to the large copper cooking pots hanging above the sink to look across the room at what was above the beautifully built in cherry cabinetry that had souvenirs of John’s family travels. It was time to de-clutter.  Ben caught his balance by putting his hand on a large round copper cooking pot as he moved to look further across the room. Out of that pot dropped a huge pile of banded cash.  It spilled all over the countertop around Ben’s feet. The room went quiet. Ben hopped down, we all looked at the pile of cash on the countertops, in the sink and now lying on the floor.  In an instant Ben had said something like he would send us an estimate for the staging and was out the door.

Laurie turned to Ben in astonishment, “Is there any more cash stashed around the house,” she asked John? “There might be,” was his response. “You have to get it all out of the pots and wherever else it is hidden,” she said quickly.  “Why,” John asked, “you’re not going to take it.” 

“No, I am not going to take it, but I have a fiduciary responsibility to this property and to you and I can not take a chance something will go missing.  If you come home after an open house and you find some secret stash of cash missing, who are you going to go to first.” she asked plainly.  “I get your point,” he finished. Laurie had a flash that this business was going to teach her new lessons every day and she was now getting to know all that she didn’t know. This real estate cash flow story was not what she expected.

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Are your yearly goals in sight? How is your market share?

Are your yearly goals in sight? How is your market share? This is the time of year when we begin writing new goals for next year, but I think it is important to check in with what you wrote last year and to see how you are doing.  Personally I am having a good year, but I am no where near the year I set out to have at this time last year.  I set some scary high goals I have yet to achieve.  Am I disappointed yes in that I did not achieve and exceed the goals.  Am I unhappy with what I have achieved, no.

Goals and records are set to give you a mile marker along the way.  Getting to these mile markers is a daily task.  This year I hired, then fired a coach.  I worked in my home office, I worked in my office and in all honesty was not as consistent with my activities to achieve my goals. It is no one’s fault but my own and I take that responsibility as my own.

I thought the hiring of a coach, the spending of the money would push me towards more consistency and what it really did was muddy my waters.  Coaching is an important aspect for any

professional to get comfortable with, but choosing a coach focused only on their own techniques and not adapting those techniques to your set of skills is the wrong fit.

There are 91 days left in this year and my one singular goal of building the habits to create the success I desire on a consistent basis is within my grasp.  I grab hold of this possibility today and for the remainder of the says because my goal is in sight. Are your yearly goals in sight? How is your market share?

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Habits versus Techniques Day 27 of 90 in a Realtors® life.


Habits versus Techniques Day 27 of 90 in a Realtors® life.  When we sit in our continuing education classes we are learning the laws so that we remain compliant as we practice. We also learn techniques on how to prospect, how to follow up, newest trends and techniques.  Successful agents will be present in these classes and they know that techniques are nothing more than that. Techniques for prospecting and selling homes are good, vital in fact, but they are not what will make us successful.  It is our daily habits with what we have learned that make us successful.

For instance cold calling.  Is anyone really still using the line “Hello, I’m agent name from agency, how are you today?”  Really?  How salesy can this be.  No doubt you are hearing lots of hang ups on this tired approach.  People


don’t want to be sold, they want reasons to buy.  When you call on a Seller prospect the only way to get in a door is to care.  You care about their situation.  When you care, they care, not before then.  It is your habit of caring that will bring you closer to having a new client, not your techniques.  And please stop asking people you don’t know how they are, that is just lame in my estimation.

From talking to many successful Realtors® I want to emulate I know they focus on their daily habits. The techniques are trained and learned, but it is the habits that make them your own.  We learn to walk by falling down, we learn to speak by listening and repeating.  The habit of getting up and getting better is not about learning some new technique, buying some new system, it is about getting up and working on those tools and making them your own. So today, think about Habits versus Techniques Day 27 of 90 in a Realtors® life.

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Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life

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Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life. It is Spring, the weekends are busy, so with details galore and various properties to juggle the here and now gets lost. I think this is normal, I don’t know.  I do know I like the Kellerism, “you can have results, or you can have reasons, you can’t have both.” So I won’t try with any reasons, today is Day 26 of 90 in my Realtor® life and rebooting the reboot of the reboot.

Constant change is something you can depend on.  Constantly all over the map is never efficient nor leads to success. Spread too thin is a caution I am finding.  What gets lost is the routines, the habits, the things you know will

set you straight on the path. Today, now and present of the implementations of those best practices often gets lost in the today’s, here’s and now’s of a growing agent.  Once the string is broken, it feels daunting to get back. The practices of a single real estate deal are complex but can be mastered.  When you have time to consider the best options and the best way to communicate you can nail it if you have training and experience.

The difference between a mid-producing agent and top producers is these practices, the habits. For me they include this reminder of

what it was like in hopes that I can recognize the side track and remember the path.  Corrections along the way is how we navigate. Change is not bad, change is good and what is better is controlling and directing the change.  In every day we are in control of our own days.  With control comes responsibility. What am I hungry for plants its pic in the corner of my brain? Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life