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Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life

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Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life. It is Spring, the weekends are busy, so with details galore and various properties to juggle the here and now gets lost. I think this is normal, I don’t know.  I do know I like the Kellerism, “you can have results, or you can have reasons, you can’t have both.” So I won’t try with any reasons, today is Day 26 of 90 in my Realtor® life and rebooting the reboot of the reboot.

Constant change is something you can depend on.  Constantly all over the map is never efficient nor leads to success. Spread too thin is a caution I am finding.  What gets lost is the routines, the habits, the things you know will

set you straight on the path. Today, now and present of the implementations of those best practices often gets lost in the today’s, here’s and now’s of a growing agent.  Once the string is broken, it feels daunting to get back. The practices of a single real estate deal are complex but can be mastered.  When you have time to consider the best options and the best way to communicate you can nail it if you have training and experience.

The difference between a mid-producing agent and top producers is these practices, the habits. For me they include this reminder of

what it was like in hopes that I can recognize the side track and remember the path.  Corrections along the way is how we navigate. Change is not bad, change is good and what is better is controlling and directing the change.  In every day we are in control of our own days.  With control comes responsibility. What am I hungry for plants its pic in the corner of my brain? Today Now Present Day 26 of 90 in a Realtors® life

By Larry Lawfer

I listen for a living. When I fully understand your needs and wants I can assist you with insight into and analysis of the pertinent information to help you succeed. It's all about you.

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