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Real Estate is my third career. I spent 25 years as a commercial photographer shooting images for Corporations, Philanthropies, Advertising and Design firms.  I was the Co-President of the American Society of Media Professionals for several years.  I still love and take pictures all the time. Photography became video in the early 2000's when Apple Final Cut Pro allowed story tellers to use video and sound and pictures.  I followed this path and YourStorys was created.


With 28 years in business I have achieved national prominence is two different careers.  Looking at a new business with fresh eyes has unearthed ways to get things done better and more efficiently.  I want to share information with my office and with the real estate community at large.  Social Media, Systems and Automation of marketing delivery, video story and delivery, photography, blogs and blogging each have a place in today's real estate daily practices.  CVS Testimonial

I have years of experience in delivering results for Fortune 100 companies like CVS, Fidelity Investments, New York Life, Gillette, Bose and others.  Larry has raised awareness and donor dollars for such worthy causes as the International Mesothelioma Program, The Julie Fund of Massachusetts General Hospital, The Melanoma Foundation of New England, and Dana Farber's program for pediatric brain tumors, the Robert F. Terry Jr. Foundation.  In the real estate realm, Larry has produced and directed two recent "Developer of the Year" awards shows for NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Educational Association Larry has raised awareness and increased membership for such organizations as AIM Global and Health Management Academy. Where do you need help?


Getting things done in an automated way allows you, the individual agent. to be more effect and spend more time farming and closing. New systems are cropping up everyday to get your attention.  Understanding the tools and techniques available I am able to  show you the way to streamline your daily communications so that you are reaching more people with better content. This automation results in more leads and better prospects.  It is not just what you say, but who you are speaking to, and how you are tracking the results.  Doing more in less time is what productivity is about.  What value is this to have in your office on a daily basis? This short video explains the time it takes to post a blog

Systems and Delivery

Successful real estate organizations have successful operating systems and teach these systems to their agents.  Some agents need hands on help with the implementation of these systems to be successful.  Having someone in the office who is well versed in these systems helps everyone else to be more productive.  Results are the most important thing and results are built on actions.  Action is far more powerful with good working systems that are delivering.  Know what your clients and prospects are interested in and looking at and sharing without them every telling you.  When you streamline the systems and delivery of each agent in an office you make the office far more productive.


Social Media can easily turn into a quagmire of applications, platforms, and shiny objects.  One key to success is to choose the right combination of tools to use in your area and for your specific clientele and prospects.  You need to understand the broad view first.  By understanding what you want to do and where you want to direct your leads and traffic, you can then build your content and delivery around that vision.  Having worked in social media since 2001 when I began to load video to the web for my clients and up until today I am still active in organizations like Social Media Club of Dallas, PodCamps, Active RainCamp,  I have been the Co-President of the American Association of Media Photographers/New England and appointed President's Representative to the National Board of the ASMP.

Finger on the Pulse

I do a daily blog, and it syndicated throughout all my social media and distribution points.  This includes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, GMail, Blogger, Yahoo, Active Rain, Friend Feed, Technorati, Plaxo and all the secondary sites like Zillow and Trulio.  Articles are later distributed to sites like e-zine and Inside Real Estate. On Truth and Service I share information about all aspects of real estate and its affiliate businesses, coaching and performance delivery, listing and selling.  The power of this kind of content can and should be measured.  Just we are rated on our end numbers, in this industry, so too,  the actions we take each and every day to deliver value to your clients and prospects can be measured in leads, presentations, listings, and transactions.

Google my name to find over fifty two thousand entries on what I have been up to.

My Mission: To get to the top in this industry as quickly as possible utilizing all the tools available and to take my office with me.

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